By John Horn, Ph.D. and Heather E. P. Cattell, Ph.D. Raymond Bernard Cattell, who died at his home in Honolulu on February 2, , must rank among the. Raymond Bernard Cattell (March 20, – February 2, ) was a Influenced by the work of Cyril Burt, Charles Spearman (who was. Personalidad de. Raymond Bernard. Cattell. Dr. Gonzalo Adán. UIB. sobre todo a partir de su teorías sobre la personalidad. Autor o . Trayectoria y biografía.

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Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 26 Their seven children got their pre-college educations at home with their parents as instructors. Not surprisingly, people with a high capacity of gF tend to acquire more gC knowledge and at faster rates.

They are seen as trait dimensions or continua, in which there are two opposite traits at each end with many possible degrees of the traits possible along the dimension. The Psychologist, May The lexical approach to personality: InEdward L. In more than 50 books and articles and book chapters, he developed a theory of human behavior rivaled in comprehensiveness only by the theory of Freud, and rivaled by no other theory in its adherence to evidence derived from empirical research.

He had dismissed the medium Leonora Piper as a fraud. Personality and Learning TheoryVols. Hill Topnear BirminghamEngland. Cattell entertains controversial speculations about natural selection based not only on the separation of groups but also the restriction of “external” assistance to “failing” groups from “successful” ones, and by arguing for “educational and voluntary birth control measures”— i.

To this picture of the family’s success one could add political power as well, as James’ uncle Alexander Gilmore Cattell represented New Jersey in the United States Senate.


The Objective-Analytic Test Battery. Warren Robert S. Remarkable in this cooperation with others is the huge diversity of persons with whom Cattell has worked. Concepts of intraindividual variability and change: Shaffer Orval Hobart Mowrer E.

After completing his Ph. From toCattell taught at Exeter University and served as an advisory psychologist at Dartington Hall, a progressive school that received considerable attention in the s. As a foundation for this distinction, Cattell developed the investment-model of ability, arguing that crystallized ability emerged from the investment of fluid ability in a particular topic of knowledge.

He continued his career as a part-time professor and adviser at the University of Hawaii. Like many eminent scientists and scholars of the time, Cattell’s thought was influenced by belief in eugenicsdefined as the “applied science or the bio-social movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population, usually referring to human populations.

This site uses bografia. A New Morality from Science: Several forms of the 16PF have been produced—some for different language and culture groups, and some for poor readers. Raymond Cattell was born on 20 March in Hill TopWest Bromwich, a bbiografia town in England near Birmingham where his father’s family was involved in inventing new parts for engines, automobiles and other machines. Cattell’s The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire grew out of the research on self-report data that he directed over a period of more than thirty years.

Trait theories of personality describe individuals personality and behaviour as driven by rxymond dispositions or traits that are bipolar in nature have two opposites, e. He also brought the methods of Wilhelm Wundt and Francis Galton back to the United States, establishing the mental testing efforts in the U.

James McKeen Cattell – Wikipedia

Several different norm tables are available. Psychological Reports, 59 While working on his Ph. Under Wundt, Cattell became the first American to ccattell a dissertation in the field of psychology.


Theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence: Multiple-indicator measurement versus the a priori scales. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Cattell won a scholarship to Torquay Boy’s Grammar School where he excelled. Agreement between lexically and psycho-physiologically based models of personality.

Raymond Cattell

Stanley Hall professorship at Clark University, where he worked on developing objective behavioral measures of personality and intelligence. After settling in Hawaii he married Heather Birkett, a clinical psychologistwho later carried out extensive research using the 16PF and other tests.

The regularities indicated in Cattell’s research, now appearing in many guises, remain among the principle contributions to theoretical analysis of personality. Inhe was awarded a county scholarship to University College, London, where he earned a bachelor of science degree with first class honors in chemistry in Manual for the Eight State Questionnaire.

European Review of Applied Psychology, 46 1 Retrieved from ” https: Cattell differentiated “source traits” from “surface traits. Cattell was well known for his involvement in creating and editing scientific journals.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

Cattell did not find his calling until after he arrived in Germany for graduate studies, where he met Wilhelm Wundt at the University of Leipzig. Raymond Bernard Cattell Empirical biografa theoretical status of the Five-Factor Model of personality traits. Hull Edward C.