Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Kamadhenu Printers, Thyagarajanagar, Bangalore By knowing how God has created this wonderful world we get to appreciate God’s greatness much more and our iove for Him increases Therefore it is necessary for us to become wel! Material science enlightens us with the knowledge of Nature, Bhugoka and Astronomy ; and it also tells us about the vastness of the universe and the marvellous forces hidden in it Thereby we become aware of God’s unlimited powers.

Our sages and seers have not only surveyed the universe by their bhguola powers, but they have also comprehended and discussed the unseen features of the world. If we look into our ancient books it will be clear that our writers haa become familiar long long ago with the secrets of nature discovered by modern scientists We may see that our ancient astronomers had spoken about the gravitational force in their own way even before Newton discovered it Our sages had seen many things which are beyond the scope of modern scientific instruments At present, there appears to be a great gulf between what our ancient texts declare and what bhuogla modern discoverers think about the details of Geography, But, if the eastern pandits and the western class of scientits come together to hold critical discussions, it will held the world to find new light and to form a decisively correct pictuie of the universe And it may also help us to understand the true import of our ancient texts.

Generally, the apparent varnana, of puranic texts vzrnanam not the true meanings. Sri Madhwacharya has indicated that there are hundreds of ways in understanding the meanings of the puranas and, without knowing them, one cannot get at the heart of puranas.

Therefore, it is not rignt to criticise the puranas as unscientific without making a bbugola study of puranic texts.

As there are many knotty points in the puranas, hard to resolve, there are inconsis- bhugila in modern science too. Sri V Badarayana Murthy has made a deep study in this respect and has dealt with bhuvola ancient texts on scientific lines. He has attempted to meet the modern questioners with satisfactory answers. We wish that those who seek knowledge will give him all encouragement to pursue his efforts.

On the basis of facts culled from Srimad Bhagavatam and other relative texts, Sri V. We are glad to welcome this work which will be quite useful to those who are eager to get a true picture of the universe.

We pray Sri Krishna to bless Sri V. Badarayana Murthy to serve Him furthur by holding the torch of knowledge. We are pleased to offer compliments to the Akhila Bharata Madhwa Maha Mandali, Madras branch, for taking up the publication of this work. Sri Vishwesha Tirtha Swamiji. Ud do a3 S? We have gone through the script of ‘ Bhugoia Varnanam ‘, a product of much Painstaking.

Although it was not possible to go through it in greater detail, we are pleased to say that the style and the analytical Varnanan sentation of facts are sure to vrnanam the general readers to get a clear bird’s eye bhuggola of this universe created by God It has been possible for Sri Badarayanamurthy to present the most sublime facts in quite a simple manner since he has vagnanam a deep study of many scriptural texts and has also gone through several books on modern science with varnajam critical outlook Another noteworthy fea- ture is that ha has pointed out how the views of the followers of other religions- especially the Christians and the Muslims, agree with the Madhva concept of Cosmo- logy as dealt with specially by Sri Vadiraja swamy, who is acclaimed as ‘Bhavi Samira’ — the would-be Vayudeva.

Thus the author of this text has rendered useful service to humanity.

PURANIC COSMOLOGY UPDATED: Puranic Cosmology Updated 12

The efforts of modern scientists to unravel the secrets of nature have their own limitations and often lead to differing opinions. Also, the great efforts put forth fay scientists and modern philosophers to seek happiness seem to be somewhat ridiculous and not fruit- ful.

Sri Badarayana murthy bhugpla rightly pointed out this fact. Since scientific achievements and modern philoso- phical approaches are mostly opposed to intrinsic truth, it would be profitable for every one to make an honest effort to understand Vedic truths visualised by the seers; truths which cannot be discovered by mechanical aids.


Sri Badarayana murthy’s attempt to make Sri Vadiraja swamy’s Bhugola Vamanam palatable to scientists too is quite laudable.

Bhugola Varnanam

If the well – intentioned readers sincerely go through the book and understand it, the author’s efforts will be richly rewarded With this bhuola we offer our Prayer to the Lord of our adoration — Sri Sri Gopmatha, not different from Sri Sri Hayavadana and Sri Sri Ranga- vittala, to bless the author with a long lease of useful life.

Thus we conclude with the awareness of Sriman Narayana. Sd Sn Vijnananidhi tirtharu. Pandurangi, who has furnished a critical preface for this publication. He has also added a long introduction to this work which incorporates the gist of the papers presented at vafnanam seminar on cosmogony and cosmography organised by him in Bangalore during August This volume has two purposes in view.

To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri Vadiraja tirtha to such readers who do not know Sanskrit.

To elucidate this concept and details in terms of modern knowledge on this subject. It is natural that the two do not agree in all the details. One should not be in a hurry to reject either the traditional or the modern merely on this ground. Scientific enguiry knows no end. Modern science is still quite young and should have the ambrition to grow. Its experimental method is only one way of scientific enquiry, Our ancient 6eers probably had much superior methods of enquiry.

They were able to cultivate ceratin mental faculties of man that could probe into the mysteries of the universe much deeper. Sri Vadiraja tirtha, the author of Bhugola Varnanam, was one such great seer of mystic powers. His Bhugola Varnanam was the outcome of both his direct vision of the structure of the univeise through his mystic power and also his deep study of puranas that give the details of the universe.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam”

Therefore, modern screntists should take it as a guide to continue their enquiry furthur Sri V. Badarayana Murthy has analysed the contents of this great work in a simple and clear manner. He has given modern equivalents of calculations of the locations of planets and distances, seas, worlds, etc. The gist of the seminar papers included in the intro- duction throws useful light on different aspects of this problem It bhhgola heartening to note that many young scien- tists have handled the matter with an open mind and with convincing arguments.

I appeal to senior scientists to overcome their prejudice that the Vedas and puranas contain bhuugola and imaginary data and all this does not stand any scientific scrutiny.

They must accept the fact that our ancient seers were more close to Nature and had different methods of enquiry other than the present day experimental method But their conclusions are stil ‘ available in our ancient literature and we must try to find the clues to understand them.

If we are not able to read tne script of certain ancient documents, we should not rush to the varnnaam that these ancients had no language at all. Our branding of our ancient scientific thought as unscientific amounts to such an attitude Sri V.

Bhugola Varnanam Badarayana Murthy

Badarayana Murthy has done well in bringing this great work varjanam world Geography to the notice of modern scholars.

The pictures and charts included by him have added to the usefulness of this volume. Added is the vadnanam that is carried on vehemently that our earth has three motions The first, it spins on its own axis.

The second, it orbits round the sun. The third, it has precession, if we accept these motions for the earth, no life would be possible on this earth. Our ancient Scriptures hold that the earth is stationary. Not only that; it bhugolla just one of the fourteen lokas created by the Lord Even though their truth is vouchsafed for us by the Lord, Himself, thanks to the doubts injected by Material Science, which is based on imperfect perce- ption and logic based on such faulty perception, even scripturally oriented people feel timid to project the views given by Scriptures.

Shri V Badarayana Murthy has made a life-long study of both varnanqm views. No one is asking anyone to accept this view or that view. But there is sufficient scope for further scrutiny on received knowledge which is paraded before our children. It is for the serious reader to consider the two views and arrive at his own conclusion. Saint Sri Vadiraja has given this work, so that the devotees of the Lord may see their way clearly. This is in accordance with ‘Prasthana thraya’ – Brhma Sutras, Ten Ma-jor Upanisads and the Bhagavadgita, as also according to the several smritis and varnxnam.

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If only to inform the average readers who may not be familiar with Brahma- sutras and the Upanifads, we may ask them to refer to the 16th chapter of Bhagavadgita where souls are clearly branded as belonging to the divine group and the demoniac group; and it is natural that there should be a middling group, neither fully divine, nor fully demoniac. The very name of the chapter is ‘Daivasura sampad vibhaga’.

Among souls of divine inclination, there are several grades such as the best of humans, human sovereigns, human gandharvas, divine gandharvas, divine sovereigns, Bugola and his equals, Agni-the fire God Maharshis, Devarshis like Bhrqu and Narada, the Sun, the Moon, Kubera, Yama, Indra, Kama wish- creating masterVanranam, Garuda and ISesa.

This is in the ascending order- only a few details mentioned. varanam

Female souls, the true partners of the male souls mentioned, are also having gradations. During every Brahma Kalpa-period of creation and sustenance, there will be two hundred such souls, the one who has completed his training during previous Brahma Kalpas, now occupying the seat of Brahma.

These details are found in Vamana purana. Saint Sri Vadiraja is the th, ‘Latavya’, in the upward scale of gradation. Varnanqm is almost as good as the th, Vayu, and during this, his period of probation, he engage’s himself in the activities of Brahma and Vayu, of course, with their co-operation. The activities of these three souls are universal. There is varhanam in this universe in which they are not engaged. They are bhugols and in every thing – living or non-living, doing their jobs for them.

Vagnanam are more likely to believe in auto- biographies than in biographies penned by adorers. Saint Sri Vadiraja has given us his autobiography in his text ‘Vrndavana Akhyanam’containing 22 chapters. The wondrous part of it is that he was just known generally as a great saint and the greatest scholar of Madhva sastra during his life time; but, sometime after he entered his brndavan Samadhi having no tryst with death at the ripest age ofhe entered the body of a garnanam brahmin with his spiritual part, and dictated his autobiography such that people might believe his words.

This is history of the period of the famous Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar. There is monumental evidence for all this if one cares to inspect. These details go to show that his ‘Bhugola Varnanam’ is not just a concept formed by the study of puranas like Srlmad Bhagavatam. He has given us first-hand knowledge of all the bhuggola of the universe, which he visited and saw actually.

To these is added what is known as ‘Apta Vakya ‘- words spoken by reliable persons. For our reliance on ‘Apta Vakya’ I shall give an example varnana seems to be nearest to us.

Some one asked Ten-singh, ‘Have you seen the yeti? Do you believe that such a thing as that exists? Tensingh replied, “I have not seen the yeti. I do not generally believe what Varnannam have myself not seen or experienced.

But, it seems, my father saw the yeti twice; and I cannot disbelieve his words”. Such indeed is ‘Apta Vakya’, the word of a reliable person – one who is well- informed, discerning and has no intention to cheat others. It is not only reliable; it can stand the test of modern science by all counts. At present, science and traditional knowledge seem to be bhuglla loggerheads. Therefore, I shall endevour to point out the limitations of scientific investigation and the authorita- tive declaration bhufola the puranas and religious literature in general.

The following are the salient points presen- ted by myself in the back-ground paper, ‘Beginning of beginning’. The crea- tionists seem to be on firm ground although, at present, many of its votaries are unable to stand on their legs. On the other hand, many modern scientists are finding fault with Darwin’s way of drawing varbanam.

An intelligent study of the scriptures goes to show that God created all things gradual- ly, the physical features and the living beings.