accept in blank, in blanko akzeptieren. accept insurance blank back, Blanko- Rückseite return coupon, Bestellkupon, Bestellschein. return flight, Rückflug. Bestellnr//PEZTELLNR Bestellnummer/N/PEZTELLNUNNA Bestellschein/EPS/ PEZTELLZEIN .. blankgeputzt/AEPT/PLANKKEPUZT blanko//PLANKU. 7. Nov. 0 BESTELLSCHEIN 0 BESTELLTEXTEN BLANKO 0 BLANKOSCHECK 0

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Abgeordnete, m, deputy, delegate. Blau gas named from its inventor. S sing, of stossen pushes. Additional meanings are given for many terms that were listed in the earlier editions. Umdrehungen in der Minute revolutions per minute, r.

An adjective ending denoting “kinds”; as, zweierlei, of two kinds. Paint grounding, primer, surfacer. Wink, m, wink; beckoning; nod; hint, Suggestion. Higher and lower oxides are distinguished as -oxyd and -oxydul Eisenoxyd, ferne oxide; Eisenoxydul, ferrous oxide or by Latin forms Ferrioxyd, ferne oxide; Ferrooxyd, ferrous oxide. Arbeit work; Atomgewicht atomic weight.

Ventilation; air conditioning; weathering. Scotch pine Pinus sylvestris. Iron Thomas process, basic process. Gesperr eTK locking device, catch, ratchet. Optics gray wedge, neutral wedge. Separation; eiimination; refining; deposit; secretion; departure. Brewing doughingin temperature, initial temperature of the mash. Verharzen Verharzen, n.


Iead over, conduct over, pass over; transfuse blood. Calico fitting color, illuminating color.

Notizbücher bei Semikolon

Chronometer, time piece, watch, clock. Umlaufungen pro Minute revolutions per minute, r. Paper rag half stuff, rag pulp. See Tabakasche, Tabakauszug, etc.


Blanc fixe, blano fixe, permanent white. The latest decisions in nomenclature are followed; in particular, the Stock valence names for inorganic Compounds are freely given, as well as the older names.

Analog der vorangehenden Verbindung Kao et al. For the inflection of verbs, adjectives, etc. In this dictionary the special chemical meaning is put first or indicated in some way, the aim being in all cases to give the user immediately the meaning he is most likely to be seeking.

Compound of alumina, specif. Zahn- tooth, dental, odonto- toothed, notehed. Since in German nearly any adjective may be used adverbially without change of form, the user of the dictionary is ordinarily left to form these adverbial meanings for himself.

  GXT3 1500RT230 PDF

Compounds are also named in a manner more like the English method; as, Strontiumchlorid Strontium ChlorideKaliumsulfid potassium sulfide. Glauber’s salt sodium sulfate decahydrate. The same holds for imido- anilido- etc. Grenz- limit in Org. Math, change of sign. Standard, value, currency; duration.

See also Gerad- gerad. It may be an inflected form of a word given in the dictionary.

German-English Dictionary for Chemists

Grund Grund, m. Classification by quality, grading. An abbreviation is often converted from Bingular to plural by doubling the final letter; as, Lsg. Boletus edulis, an edible mushroom.

Leather train stuffing, -ger- Traubenabfall, m.