Benjamin Graham: Inteligentni investitor. 9 likes. Book. Download Inteligentni Investitor – Graham, Buffett, Zweig, Orsag. Readers’ questions about Inteligentni investitor. investitor. by Benjamin Graham To ask other readers questions about Inteligentni investitor, please sign up.

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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Questions About Inteligentni investitor by Benjamin Graham.

To ask other readers questions about Inteligentni investitorplease sign up. What kind of background is required to actually understand this book.

I tried reading it once but couldn’t understand much. Can anyone tell me the books, I should read first in order to go through The Intelligent Investor. Kevin Chidiac Personally i didn’t read any books prior to reading this one.

I just went over to www. I’ve only taken one class of economics my entire life, so when i first started reading this nenjamin i couldn’t understand a thing. But now i have the basic knowledge to understand – at least partially – what the author is talking about.

Warren Buffett says is the best book on investing that he has ever read. David Here is a citation. Saurabh Patel Obviously invextitor any doubt. Even you are not from finance or economic background you can get the concepts.


It is more behavioural than techniques. Parallaly keep serching for current market situation of your stock markets. After completion of book you will definately get inteliyentni and your own method of investment. Inteligwntni is the best way to read this book? I am already half way, the book and especially the commentary is neat. However, i just keep underlining the important points, any suggestions on what practices to do that will make effective and efficient reading?

Buy some good stocks and stick with them instead of day trading. This ratio also gives some idea of whether an investor is paying too much for what would be left if the company went bankrupt immediately should be less than or equal to This is a good indicator of a stable and sound business model. It is a signal that the company is financially secure. Always prefer inteligwntni with dividends, and with consistent dividend growth. By contrast, be terrified when the market has gone up far, fast, and resist the urge to start buying more stock when the market is inteliigentni.

He does not advocate investing or divesting simply because the market goes down or up, one always looks at individual companies. A lot of financial jargon?


Inteligentni Investitor – Graham, Buffett, Zweig, Orsag

Yes, but this is essential if you want to enter in this field. And you will get used to these terms within few days less. I am an Accounting Student. I want to read it.

But would I totally get it?

The Intelligent Investor Audiobook | Benjamin Graham |

Brian Anthony Why not? For example, calculation of “Wholesale Prices” in seems to be ok: Is this book any different than A Random Walk? This book was published almost 6 decades back and wondering, will this book be able to help in understanding today’s markets? For some strange reasons when i choose “The Intelligent Investor” as currently readingthis one got into my good reads list. If all generous donate this book to me please send to my Email is: Load 5 more questions.

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