This is correct (when rounded) to 2 decimal places. Pythagorus. (c – BC). Theorem. (c. 8th century BCE) composed. Baudhayana Sulba Sutra., the best-. BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM It was ancient Indians been provided by both Baudhāyana and Āpastamba in the Sulba Sutras!. It was known in the Sulbasutra (for example, Sutra 52 of Baudhayana’s Sulbasutram) that the diagonal of a square is the side of another square with two times.

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Most of the western Greek Travelers came as far as Taxila of the North and went back.

“Sulba Sutra” of Vedic India and Pythagorean Principle of Mathematics: | Bipin Shah –

Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here he agrees with Jainism and Buddhism, rather any paganism. This was the highest level of initiation and those seeking the knowledge of mysteries, divinity and transmigration of souls as well as philosophies and other world religions.

Pythagoras used the monochord to explain musical intervals and harmonics to his students. Let me make a few references: Retrieved from ” https: Whilst I agree that is important to acknowledge the very important part Indian mathematicians and philosophers have played in the history of the world and today, many, many people from all different cultures learnt at Babylon and later, at Egypt.

But, the Boolean Algebra served the basis of early transistors and capacitors used in early primitive form of the computer. Lokesh Kumar October 23, This may look to be a simple math problem but without using Trigonometric it is hard to construct the rule based fire altars. They lived totally detached, just like Jainism and Ajivikas tradition.


Come out of your prejudice against other civilization.

He associated with the Egyptian priests, Brahmin Vedantists, Ajivikas ascetics, Jainas and Buddhists monks to absorb the knowledge as much as he can. Through this purification, my center of being has changed. These principles similarly agree with Ajivikas, Jaina and Buddhist traditions.

I feel obliged and beyond that i feel proud of my rich cultured India. I hardly have time to post in this blog.

This approximation follows a rule given by the twelfth century Muslim mathematician Al-Hassar. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It was not full fledged writing system but the script. Where did that ancient wisdom gone? The Pythagorean institute was organized in three different orders: He also taught that the music has the healing properties and soothing of anguished minds.

They easily dubbed Jainism and other sects as part of Buddhism or made no distinction among them through the textual reference. Pythagoras went to India and Persia as a student; but when he left he left as a great teacher. Exploring Indian history takes you to many confusions and controversies.

BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM (World Guru of Mathematics, Part – 9) | Mysteries Explored

They were allowed no personal possessions and were vegetarians bauvhayana Jains. We do not know how strictly their members observed the vows to chastity.

Roger Baudhayaa Droit French writer and Philosopher: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! During his absence, his society at croton was attacked by another noble of Croton.

Shulba Sutras

And i would like to add one more point, vedas were not the writings of a single person over a short course of time. I am really sorry for my comment is not scientific according to the west. All of the rules spelled out in this text require the construction of various shapes of the Vedic fire altars that will occupy the same space. Anger was considered as one of the deadly sins and every student was cautioned not to make a decision or rebuke a servant while under the influence of this passion.


In fact, the only relation that the historians have been able to trace it to is with Euclid, who again came many centuries after Pythagoras! The four major Shulba Sutras, which are mathematically the most significant, are those attributed to BaudhayanaManavaApastamba and Katyayana.

This is not the way he thought he would plan his trips but he saw the opportunity. Leaving Babylon, he made his way through Persia to India, where he continued his education under the Ajivikas, Jaina and Brahmin priests of Taxila School. He would not have undertaken this journey had the reputation of the Indian science had not been established before. An important landmark of the Vedic period was the work of Sanskrit grammarian, Panini.

I have already read your post on encryption technique. These include transforming a square into a rectanglean isosceles trapeziuman isosceles trianglea rhombusand a circleand transforming a circle xulba a square.

Jaynarayan November 4, We have been grown up without knowing our prosperity, which is a must.