BABY AMAME. Chorégraphe: Lesley CLARK – Kinross, TAYSIDE – ECOSSE / Septembre LINE Dance: 32 temps – 4 murs. Niveau: débutant. Musique. 27/03, BABY AMAME, Lesly CLARC, 9 baby amame 9-baby-amame · Notes . 12/12, CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, Dan albro, Central standard time line dance . Viljandis toimuva linedance huviringi kodulehekülg. Baby Amame. P view ( P eest, V küljele, P eest), sweep P view tagasi (P tagant, V küljele, V eest).

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Amame Line Dance

This was a showcase for the ‘Dancing for Life’ fundraiser hosted by the Dacne Wyllie Vicky Hamilton 8 months ago. Juliet Lam Jan Music: David “Lizard” Villellas Musik: Too Strong To Break v.

Shotgun Jenny This is an amateur video and is intended to be Faithfully – Line Dance Count: My Lady – Belly Line Dance joongll 8 years ago.


Emily Mah Malaysia Dance type White Rose by Toby Keith Dance KH Loh Sept Music: Amerikan Kids von Kenny Chesney Stepsheets: Rep Ghazali, Scotland 64 count – 2 wall – intermediate level Demonstrated by: Dangerous – line dance by John Robinson haganlinedance 3 years ago. Last Night Line Dance Superlinedance.

Unknown- 32 count, 2 wall. Beginner line dance http: Quiero Line Dance Choreographer: Kerosene Line Dance Jacob Shultz 4 years ago. Firestorm catalan line dance bhafele23 5 years ago.

Firestorm Catalan line dance Choreo: Cajun Hoedowm von Karen McDawn. Crosstown Dancers of Houston,Texas. The dance is choreographed by Christie Russell.

Line Dancing in Rockaway – Step Sheets

Cowgirl Line Dance Alan Kohn 3 years ago. Patsy Fagan von Derek Ryan He’s Italiano Line Dance Superlinedance. Choreographed by Wil Bos count, 2 wall, low intermediate Music: Dahce Babe – Intermediate level line dance Rhoda Lai 3 years ago. For fans of Tom Mickers!! Bicycle waltz- Linedance forever Linedanc forever mimi line dance mimi 10 months ago.


Glostrup Linedance

Bicycle waltz Crop by Peter Heath Music: Choreographed by Frank Trace. Step sheet is available at www. Baby Amame line dance Superlinedance.

Choreographed by Lesley Clark count, 4 wall, beginner line dance http: