Aveyond Quick Start Walkthrough Aveyond. you want to play the game in full-screen mode, press ALT+ENTER on your keyboard. 3. Our Aveyond Walkthrough helps you though this medieval world of monsters and Talk to her, and she will say that Rhen is the chosen one, and present Rhen. Aveyond 1 Rhen’s Quest is the first part in Aveyond series. Pass for the Peninsula Trade Route and a choice between a climbing guide and a cooking kit.

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If you start running out of Restorative items, you can leave and buy more.

With the bone and the pomegranate seeds, head over to where that barking dog was, and use the bone to distract it. She will rush off to rejoin him, dropping a Key on her throne.

The emissary Lorad senses in her a powerful gift for the magic of Walkhrough Singing, and much to Lars’ dismay, Rhen is freed from slavery and sent to Shadwood Academy as well to train as a novice Sword Singer. She must travel to the Dreamworld by way of Mysten Far. But fortunately, that means she will join your party while she searches.

Enter the manor and defeat the cult members along your way. You can work on completing an optional quest you received in Brumwich, walkthrougy remember where this cave is. Rashnu offers Rhen a choice of reward between a pile of salkthrough and a bottle of sun block, which can be given to Te’ijal.

You can come back here whenever you are running short of gold pennies. If you want to know and more closely about each character, please see a separate article about that character you choose.


They barely pass through the snowy lands and finally reach the legendary Aveyond, which is a strange oasis of green grass and teacups. Do feel free to host it here if the mods are fine.

Aveyond Walkthrough and Cheats |

As you explore, you will also find two vampire boys who aveyyond for Elephant Garlic. There are other sidequests here, so explore and talk to everyone. You can even buy a manor, if you like! There are other non-mandatory treasures scattered around.

Struggling to remain alive, the Priestess constructs a butterfly out of light, and sends it out to seek help. Rhen learns that she is the heir to the throne of Thais and destined to save the world from Ahriman. Just wondering if there is one for version 1C of Aveyond. You now remember you saw the Sun Priest being with Ahriman in the opening cutscene. So, your new task is to look for the ring!

Home Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats Strategy. The emissaries from Shadwood Academy happen to be in town at the time and witness the exchange. Make sure you buy and aveyons fire amulets, as these help a lot. Your quest is to defeat the daevas guarding their souls and return the druids to Aveyond. Step on the new block to be transported to the area behind the doors at the eastern end of the Maze.

Rhen and Lars have the run of the Eastern Isle, but only for as long as their magical abilities will protect them.


Sun block … Sun block?? Like Gamezebo on Facebook. Rub the Lamp and talk to the Genie, and he will tell you a demon has moved into his Lamp I wonder who that might be?

Stop by the building just inside the entrance and try to open the inside door. You can either go the Ice Palace and talk to the Snow Queen, or go east and through another cave to the grassy area which is Aveyond. She says you need to make him go to sleep instead. This causes the stranger to mistake Rhen for the priestess he forces a pair of slave bracelets walkthrouyh Rhen.

Rhen introduces Griselda, the witch who wants a husband, to the boat dealer, who will then sell walkthrougy party his boat. Once Armaiti’s soul is restored, she gives them a Merchant’s Pass for the Peninsula Trade Route and a choice between a climbing guide and a cooking kit. Dameon offers Rhen the choice to join him and live forever.

Aveyond 1 Rhen’s Quest

Related Stories Starting Out with Hearthstone. Now that all of the druids have returned to the temple, they give Rhen the Sword of Shadows. She plays a benevolent role in the game and offers some advice to get Rhen started on her quest. If you have spells that make him sick, or silence him, use them.