In view of his talent and taking into account his recognition, the publishers of ” Ananda Vikatan” approached him to license his drawings for. Get your digital copy of Aval Vikatan Magazine – January 15, issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web.

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So long as the republication is confined only to the already published works, made during the currency of employment, the legal representatives of the author cannot be heard to say that the magazine should be injuncted from republishing the works. The object of the Copyright Act is to protect the author of the work from the possible fraudulent reproduction of the work without his permission. For the song “Unnai Kanadhu” from Vishwaroopam.

The contribution made by Sri P. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Supreme Court in Dalpat Kumar vs. He was also paid all service benefits like other employees.

The counter affidavit shows that the first respondent has decided to publish the collection of already published works in a book form under the very same title “Thennattu Selvangal”. Views Read Edit View history. This prompted many publishers, including the first respondent to utilize his drawings and paintings on payment, treating it as a license.

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Since Silpi worked as an employee of Ananda Vikatan, during the period tothe first respondent is the first owner of the copyright. For the song “Aagayam Theepidicha” from Madras.

Each book is priced at Rs. All the tools and stationery, including pen, pencil, paint, brush, drawing vikayan etc. Dhilip Subbarayan Kaloyan Vodenicharov.

Retrieved 19 January His drawings were given to the magazine for publication on license basis.

The first respondent is therefore entitled to the statutory protection under clause a of first proviso to Section 17 of the Act. The Managing Director of Vikatan 203, first respondent in the interlocutory application, filed a counter affidavit in O. The documents available on record are more than sufficient to arrive at a prima facie case that Silpi was an employee of Ananda Vikatan at least from to For the song “Nenjukkula” from Kadal.


Aval Vikatan – அவள் விகடன் – Issue date – 01 January

The ceremony’s main broadcaster is Sun TV. Therefore, we are of the view that the appellant has not made out a prima facie case.

Section 17 of the Copyright Act reads thus: In addition, temporary injunction being an equitable relief, the discretion to grant such relief will be exercised only when the plaintiff’s conduct is free from blame and he approaches the court with clean hands. The name of Silpi as the author of the work is disclosed in the books along with Silpi’s photo printed on book’s cover. The learned Senior Counsel for the first respondent during the course of arguments submitted that the publisher is prepared for depositing the income from sale in Court.

20133 For the song “Maari Thara Local” from Maari. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The book contains only the works published from to Srinivasan was known as “Silpi” and this name is found engraved in all his works. The appellant has no case that the other works of Silpi, which were not published during the said period in Ananda Vikatan, were also included in the book proposed to be published ava the first respondent.

Retrieved 15 May There is no dispute with regard to the factual position that the art works published in Ananda Vikatan under the title “Thennattu Selvangal” during the period to were all created by Silpi.

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On the other hand, the first respondent specifically claimed that Silpi was an employee of Ananda Vikatan, and only in the said capacity he had drawn the pictures and cartoons and other artistic works.


There existed a relationship of employer-employee and it was a continuous relationship till without any break. The core question is whether Silpi being the author of the work was recognized as the first owner of the copyright, or the publisher of Ananda Vikatan, in the capacity as proprietor of the magazine is entitled to claim that they are the first owner of the copyright in respect of such of those works made during the currency of employment of the author ian the magazine.

Feeling aggrieved by the decision in the interlocutory application, the appellant is before us. The first respondent has included ivkatan black and white copies of the pictures in the book. According to the learned Judge, Section 17 of the Copyright Act,clearly stipulates that the work done as an employee in the magazine is to be treated to be the ownership of the owner, who has the right of reproduction in similar newspaper or magazine.

Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards

The first of such statement shall be filed on or before 31 January and thereafter, once in three months. Cites 9 docs – [ View All ].

Silpi was recognized as the first owner of copyright in all his art works. The write up produced by the respondents contains a reference that Silpi left Ananda Vikatan which he had served for years and joined Bhavans Journal in Bombay. For the song “Mannipaaya” from Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa.

This mutual respect and admiration appears to have resulted in the joining of Silpi in Ananda Vikatan as an artist. The vikatab is the son of Sri P.