For many, The Atrocity Exhibition is J.G. Ballard’s most important work. It reads like an instruction manual in how to disrupt mass media and. The Atrocity Exhibition [J. G. Ballard, William Gaminara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A prophetic and experimental masterpiece by. Written from , The Atrocity Exhibi- tion is Ballard’s most concentrated book—a prophetic masterpiece. Not since James Joyce and. William S.

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The novel presents fragments or avatars of a traumatised man, variously named Travis, Travers, Traven, Talbot or Talbert, who is conducting some kind of spun-out scientific experiment, which also takes the form of a lecture or media spectacle. Each section of The Atrocity Exhibition is a flight over the same apocalyptic landscape, a landscape that is also the human body, observed with a clinician’s eye as it undergoes trauma, as it is anatomised, penetrated, cut and crushed and humiliated, scorched and fucked.

The Atrocity Exhibition by JG Ballard

Ballard gets extra points for including Ralph Nader among the celebrities that get maimed or killed by the automobile. He began to prepare for departure. After several intervals, when ballar had failed to make a single audible sound, he turned and went back to the helicopter. I can’t believe I’m giving a Ballard book such a shitty rating and it’s tempting to pretend that I’m smarter than I am, but while the notes were a constant source of interesting thoughts and observances, and while the seeds of some of Ballard’s later work were clearly planted here, I can’t honestly say I xtrocity, or enjoyed it.

Surrealist painting is a pervasive influence in his bllard — more influential than that of any writer, he used to say — and he followed the surrealists in believing that the world could be remade by the human mind.

The easy answer is “No, if you don’t want to be challenged” but the truth is there’s nothing else Ballard has written that was even remotely like this, vicious and despairing, gleeful and horrified, detached and drowning in blood, perverse and mourning.


Finally, through the black, perverse magic of violence he transcends his psychic turmoils to find the key to a bizarre new sexuality.

The disjointed images and out of order events and digressions on all manner of popular culture, news, consumer reports, violence, war, and auto crashes–and studies of their relationships with human sexuality–is just perfectly suited to this overwrought prose that walks a thin line between sounding clinical or madly atrociry.

The Atrocity Exhibition

Includes such fun words as ‘mimetized’ and ‘buccal’ and ‘polyperverse. Rather too experimental for my tastes – it has taken me forever to read it, and it’s only pages long.

Normally I bemoan Ballard’s arch, pseudo-scientific prose style even when I enjoy the ideas and plots of his stories and novels. Are the characters continuous? They lustre on in the memory. This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat Nov 23, Michael Battaglia rated it it was amazing. The Mannerist cult writer Chuck Palahniuk would literally not exist without Ballard.

The imaginary natural landscapes of the future have become the artificial landscapes of the present. May 22, John Madera rated it it was amazing. I hope my own novel will be a worthy addition to these important political novels. Some of it is clearly wake-up-in-the-middle of the night silliness ‘Transliterated Pudenda! Only like how it is fascinating to be an officer in the SS or a repo man or exnibition other exhiibition means to life sustenance from the perspective of someone who works at HBOS.

Ballard is awesome, with everything of his I’d read to date being a real treat. An Italian flag-clad psychopath who had recently run for office on the Lega Nord ticket atroicty Macerata shot several Africans today, giving bal,ard Fascist salute as police dragged him to the ground and handcuffed him. Jun 03, David rated it it was ok Shelves: All those great perceptive abilities he had Jan 09, Nate D rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Since The Exyibition no novel or play has given body to the larger disturbances of the American consciousness.

For a novel about leisure — Ballard’s only full-length work explicitly about this lifelong preoccupation — the subtly parodic chunky-thriller rhythms and unhurried mystery-story plotting are a perfect fit: The sexual scenarios that are a specialty of the brothel in The Balcony have their counterpart in the world outside its walls.



It was a rather lazy question, and one I haven’t used again, but in that moment he lit up. Inwhen he was already terminally ill, I interviewed him. His fiction was a product of this process, an inner alchemy that turned the dross of senseless suffering into something beautiful and life-affirming.

Austin apparently finds it difficult to reconcile her roles, a difficulty given expression by the changes in her Christian name: Perhaps you are not supposed to think about plot, but just let the nasty imagery float across your brain.

View all 4 comments. The last story is probably the most savage, taking the idea of Ronald Reagan as President he’s a pretty common target throughout the book, despite it having been written in the last sixties for terms past his two to a rather horrifying extreme that in some parts doesn’t seem entirely removed from the reality we got the story’s satirical lionizing of him is amusing in light of how some political circles almost canonize him these days. This book could be taken into architecture, film, music, photography and painting so easily – a kind of Art Concret for the mid 60’s and onwards.

The lost gills of the dying film actress The pilot watches him from the roof of a lion house The familiar geometry of the transfigured pudenda On the way to a terminal zone A fading harmonic fractured smile spread across the windscreen The wig amongst the beer bottles And you, coma: Seeking his sanity, he casts himself in a number of roles: For some reason, trigonometry and calculus get a reprieve.

Ballard published the Atrocity pieces as standalone stories over a period of four years, while always claiming that he was working towards the big picture: