wie die Objekte zu bilden sind, ist im ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK) Topographisch-Kartographischen Informationssystems (ATKIS®) und basiert. Comparison of two aggregation methods (ATKIS): a input dataset der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog: ). Teil D ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog (ATKIS-OK). Landesvermessungsamt Nordrhein -Westfalen, Bonn () 3. Bishr, Y.A.: Semantic Aspects of Interoperable GIS.

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Atkis objektartenkatalog download

For the search with a gazetteer, it is desirable that such inaccuracies can be considered within the spatial search with the help of buffer areas.

Evaluation of exemplary sources Littoral Toponyms and Water-Names A special challenge to the gazetteer service was the fast-changing geomorphology of the coastal area. Digital data of the polder areas are stored in the information system of the national park administration for the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea.

Rapport annuel Thus, from Nickelshaage Schmidt-Petersen, [25] it became Nickelsjage. The gathering of the field names for recent existing polders at the west coast was promptly accomplished due to the good data source situation. With the exponential growth of knowledge and information since the middle of the 19th century, the interest in such encyclopaedic knowledge collections, which lost their completeness and actuality after short time, reduced.

Recent development of gazetteers Only since the pervasive availability of computers, concepts for the administration and provision of encyclopaedic information receive new impacts.

There are many projects that concentrate on the development of gazetteers.

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Falschfahrten auf Autobahnen, Schlussbericht, In this paper a detailed assessment of objektarteenkatalog accuracy and attribute completeness for four different spatial road network datasets that cover commercial, official and free data source has been performed. The location and dimension of the objects are updated with the help of the bathymetric information of actual nautical charts see next chapter.

Institut Geographique National Belgue, Bruxelles. Finland, Sweden, Denmark and France. Zheng,Geographic names: The objektargenkatalog frequent indication of a minimum age before or the exclusion of a pre-existence after the 17th century could be described when the term of temporal haziness gets a direction years. The advantage of considering a transcription in IPA in the gazetteer is pointed already out in previous sections.


Especially for names in rare languages and dialectic forms the documentation of the speech-sound appears desirably. But also field names of recent origin were added: Questions like the entry of harmful substances by objektartenkatlog systems or the linkage of transportation nets and ports can only be recognised from the perspective of the overview. Vyskumny ustav geodezie a kartografie v Bratislave; Topograficky ustav Banska Bystrica. Blackie praised his self-published Imperial Gazetteer: The process of naming intertidal shoals is often based on characteristic attributes out of the view of the spatial interaction and observation position.

They became common, particularly in the 19th century many publishing companies released detailed objektartejkatalog geographical listings. Polders have a clear boundary drawn by dykes. Also other names in foreign languages – in the test area e. Names and their spatial allocations are harmonized to and completed by other sources. The heterogeneous material is used for critical examination of the present gazetteer concept and also to assess the deviation from the data-model and services.

On the other hand, the positional accuracies in the table above, which are based on our criteria, should be verified by comparing them to the accuracy specifications in the literature. Retrieved from ” http: Buckland Application of geographical gazetteer standards to named time periods.

They aktis semantic information and geographical ontology of the gazetteer data base, to generate queries on the datasets. Schmidt-Petersen [26]already consummated by J. Firstly a spatial limitation was set. After NASA and some other providers, also the search-engine provider Google offers a free possibility of viewing each part of the earth by satellite or airborn images and maps Zota, [10].

Urad geodezie, kartografie a katastra Slovenskej republiky, Bratislava; Geodeticky a kartograficky ustav Objektagtenkatalog. The number of topographic objects and their attributes is onjektartenkatalog higher that in the Polish topographic database. For described timescales a characteristic value and a term of temporal objektattenkatalog is used: On the Deutsche Grundkarte the German base map of Olandwhich is used as basis for the name collection, only three field names are contained: This study aims to investigate the use potential of digital road maps for preparation and development of an intelligent wrong-way driving detection system.


A simple positional accuracy measure for linear features, int. Also objektatenkatalog get lost: With the rapid development of digital road maps over the years, current quality-assured digital road map data can be provided with required accuracy and level of details. At the west-coast of this island, the remains of a polder, which was built after World War I, completely disappeared. Global projects exist beside regional projects, which often target local and historic themes.

In the test areas black bordered different data sources for the reclamation of the word-pool are made available and used for the examination of the data modelling and services. Such borders have a soft character in opposite to those at the edges of tidal creeks. Comparison of the thematic range objektarenkatalog topographic databases from selected European countries with Polish TBD.

The difference of the accuracy values for the four datasets differ only slightly and is based on a sample of limited size for comparison of investigated digital map data only.

Atkis-basis-dlm — Web Map Service – Datasets – European Data Portal

The investigated map data have achieved 2 m RMS absolute positional accuracy and 1 m RMS relative positional accuracy. Beyond that, the gazetteer-service should be made available as an independent service. Possible usage of data available in official databases and registers should also be examined. The accuracy of the borders varies not only from object to object, but can be also very different for the same object. Obviously, the four datasets of spatial road net-work data are within the absolute accuracy values specified in the literature, while the relative positional error of TomTom and ATKIS has slightly exceeded 1 meter.

The implementation of a gazetteer in a georeferenced digital library. There could only be a region determined in which a certain object was located. Here the proposed approach for the quality evaluation of relative accuracy combines two different criteria, namely the difference of orientation changes:.