Athanasius of Alexandria also called Athanasius the Great, Athanasius the Confessor or, He was known as Athanasius Contra Mundum (Latin for Athanasius Against the World). two earliest treatises Contra Gentes (Against the Heathens) and De Incarnatione (On the Incarnation), which were admittedly written about the. LibriVox recording of Contra Gentes, by Athanasius of Alexandria. Read by Jonathan Lange. Contra Gentes is the first of a two volume work. ATHANASIUS: CONTRA GENTES. TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY CONTENTS OF THE ‘CONTRA GENTES’ Introduction (1). I. The origin of evil: man’s.

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For seeing that their false gods were pleased with these things, they immediately imitated their gods with like misdoings, thinking that the imitation of superior beings, as they considered them, was a credit to themselves. This Gospel in itself is the greatest support of Athanasius’ stand. Hence, because it is distinct, it acts as judge of the senses, and while they apprehend their objects, the intelligence distinguishes, recollects, and shows them what is best.

And he no sooner had recovered his see that he declared himself for the Creed of Niceaeas Theodoret testifies. For, to mention a few instances out of many to avoid prolixity, who that saw his lawless and corrupt conduct toward Semele, Leda, Alcmene, Artemis, Leto, Maia, EuropeDanae, and Antiope, or that saw what he ventured to take in hand with regard to his own sister, in having the same woman as wife and sister, would not scorn him and pronounce him worthy of death?

The inconsistency of image worship. Eyes have they and will not see; a mouth have they and will not speak; ears have they and will not hear; noses have they and will not smell; hands have they and genhes not handle; feet have they and will not walk; they will not speak through their throat. He sent for the children and gemtes that one of the boys Athanasius had acted as bishop. But if moved by itselfit follows that it outlives the body.

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We repeat then what we said before, that just as men denied Godand worship things without soulso also in thinking they have not a rational soulthey receive at once the punishment of their folly, namely, to be reckoned among irrational creatures: Since then, there is everywhere not disorder but order, proportion and not disproportion, not disarray but arrangement, and that in an order perfectly harmonious, we needs must infer and be led to perceive the Master that put together and compacted all things, and produced harmony in them.

Translated into several languages, it became something of a best seller in its day and played an important role in the spreading of the ascetic ideal in Eastern and Western Christianity. For Godbeing good and loving to mankindand caring for the souls made by Him — since He is by nature invisible and incomprehensible, having His being beyond all created existencefor which reason the race of mankind was likely to miss the way to the knowledge of Him, since they are made out of nothing while He is unmade — for this cause God by His own Word gave the Universe the Order it has, in order that since He is by nature invisible, men might be enabled to know Him at any rate by His works.


Feast of Orthodoxy Intercession of the Theotokos. And upon the half thereof he roasted flesh and ate and was filled, and was warmed and said: But as to their second and as contr say profounder defense, one might reasonably add as follows.

They even produced Arsenius’ severed hand. Abuna Catholicos Coptic cross Cross of St. Athwnasius just as, according to the above simile, men who plunge into the deep, the deeper they go down, advance into darker and deeper places, so it is with mankind.

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The Indians moreover differ from the Arabs, the Arabs from the Ethiopiansand the Ethiopians from the Arabs in their idols. For even common parlance calls art an imitation of nature. For they did not keep to idolatry in a simple form, nor did they abide in that with which they began; but the longer they went on in their first condition, the more new superstitions they invented: Whence also when it gets rid of all the filth of sin which covers it and retains only the likeness of the Image in its purity, then surely this latter being thoroughly brightened, the soul beholds as in a mirror the Aathanasius of the Fathereven the Word, and by His means reaches the idea of the FatherWhose Image the Saviour is.

But they will combine all together, as constituting a single body, and will say that the whole is God. The pope summoned a synod of bishops to meet in Rome.

For would that the artist would fashion the gods even without shape, so that they might bentes be open to so manifest an exposure of their lack of sense. While nearly the whole of the Egyptian system of idols consists of what are victims to the gods of other nations, so that they are scorned even by those others for deifying what are not gods, but, both with others and even among themselves, propitiatory offerings and victims.

Against the Heathen

The body could not have spontaneously such thoughts about itself, nor could it think upon what is external to itself. And every one, if he be a friend of truthathanaskus that genfes intelligence of mankind is distinct from the bodily senses. Both by night and by day the sun and getnes moon and the rest of the band of stars ought to shine equally together, and give their light to all, so that all things might be illumined by them.

Nor have they escaped prophetic censure; for there also is their refutation, where the Spirit saysthey shall be ashamed that have formed a god, and carved all of them that which is vain: Moreover it ahtanasius be evidently impious and grotesque, to make the thing created one, while the creators were many and different, it being a maxim of science that what is one and complete is higher than things contrq are diverse. His successor as bishop of Alexandria, Alexander of Alexandria — was an Origenist as well as a documented mentor of Athanasius.

Or who often hinders the palate, to which it is natural ccontra taste things, from athanaaius natural impulse? For neither were they from the beginning, neither shall they be forever.


For this is why the Artificer Himself made the whole universe one, lest by the coexistence of more than one a plurality of makers should be supposed; but that as the work is one, its Maker also may be believed to be One. However Cornelius Clifford places his birth no earlier than and no later thanbased on the athanasous that Athanasius indicates no first hand recollection of the Maximian persecution ofwhich he suggests Athanasius would have remembered if he had been ten years old at the time.

With his friends scattered, the saintly Hosius in exile, and Pope Liberius denounced as acquiescing in Bentes formularies, Athanasius could hardly hope to escape. And again, if as we have shown, the soul moves the body and is not moved by other things, it follows that the movement of the soul is spontaneous, and that this spontaneous movement goes on after the body is laid aside in the earth.

For hiding, by the complications of bodily luststhe mirror which, as it were, is in her, by which alone she had the power of seeing the Image of the Fathershe no longer sees what a soul ought to behold, but is carried about by everything, and only sees the things which come under the senses. Inthe new Emperor Juliannoted for his opposition to Christianity, ordered Athanasius to leave Alexandria once again.

Athanasius on the Incarnation. Or what kind of excuse could be made for them, trusting in things without sense or movement, which they reverence in place of the true God? If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Two conciliar letters were prepared, one to the clergy and faithful of Alexandria, the other to the bishops of Egypt and Libya, in which the will of the Council was made known.

Mild measures were agreed on for those heretic bishops who repented, but severe penance was decreed for the chief leaders of the major heresies.

Contra Gentes

In he convened a council at Alexandria, and presided over it with Eusebius bentes Vercelli. But the God of all is good and exceeding noble by nature, — and therefore is kind.

For as the strings of the lyre have each its proper note, high, low, or intermediate, sharp or otherwise, yet their scale is indistinguishable and their time genyes to be recognized, without the artist. In this they make a double mistake: For now the gntes of mankind leaped asunder from God ; and going lower in their ideas and imaginations, they gave the honour due to God first to the heaven and the sun and moon and the stars, thinking them to be not only gods, but also the causes of the other gods lower than themselves.

Eastern Bishop Gregory of Cappadocia died, probably of violence in June of