ASTM D Standard Test Method for Heat of Combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter (Precision Method). ASTM D – Heat of Combustion. Significance and Use. The heat of combustion is a measure of the energy available from a fuel. A knowledge of this . Buy ASTM D TEST METHOD FOR HEAT OF COMBUSTION OF LIQUID HYDROCARBON FUELS BY BOMB CALORIMETER.

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Test Room – The room in which the calorimeter is opened must be free from drafts and not subject to sudden temperature changes.

Vapors may cause flash fire. In order to attain this precision, strict adherence to all details of the procedure is essential since the error contributed by each individual measurement that affects the precision 4d809 be kept below 0. No other units of measurement are included in this standard. This standard does not purport to address the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use.

Firing Wire – 0. Continuous stirring for 10 min shall not raise the temperature more than 0. Thermostatic control of room temperature and controlled humidity are desirable. Other grades may be used, provided it is first ascertained that the reagent is of sufficiently high purity to permit its use without lessening the accuracy of the determination.

Purity of Reagents – Reagent grade chemical shall be used in d8409 tests. Standardize with potassium acid phthalate asfm adjust to 0.

Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor or spray mist Avoid prolonged or repeated astn contact. The stored information along with the sample mass, nitric acid correction and sulfur content, when entered into the instrument, shall be used to calculate the desired energy equivalent or heat of combustion.


After establishing an energy equivalent value, determine the value at frequent intervals using benzoic acid every 1 or 2 days of testing with the average of the last six determinations being used for the asttm equivalent as long as the last six determinations have a RSD of 0. Oxygen – Commercial oxygen produced from liquid air can be used without purification Warning – Oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion.

Its size shall be such that the asym will be completely immersed in water when the calorimeter is assembled. A relative standard deviation RSD of 0. The energy unit of measurement employed in this test method is the joule with the heat of combustion reported in mega joules per kilogram.

ASTM D – Heat of Combustion – Clark Testing

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Firing Circuit – A 6 to 16V alternating current is required for ignition purposes with an ammeter or pilot light in the circuit to indicate when current is flowing. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.

ASTM D4809-13 – International Standards

Semi-micro Analytical Balance, having a sensitivity of 0. Jacket – The calorimeter bomb, bucket, and water shall be completely enclosed within a stirred water jacket and supported so that its sides, top, and bottom are approximately 1cm from the jacket walls.

The heat of combustion is calculated from temperature observations before, during, and after combustion, with proper allowance for thermo-chemical and heat-transfer corrections. Corrections shall be calculated to 0.

ASTM D4809 – Heat of Combustion

Automatic Calorimeter Microprocessor Controller – in place of manually recording temperature and calculating the energy equivalent, an automatic controller may be used. The volumetric heat of combustion, rather than the mass heat of combustion, is important to volume-limited craft such as automobiles and ships, as it is directly related to the distance traveled between refuelings.


Each of these thermometers shall have been tested for accuracy at intervals no larger than 1. Sodium Hydroxide Before using, secure information on procedures and protective measures for safe handling Do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing Avoid breathing dusts or mists Do not take internally When handling, use chemical safety goggles or face shield, protective gloves, boots and clothing When mixing with water, add slowly to surface of solution to avoid violent splattering.

The temperature must be constant, not only throughout the day, but from one time of the c4809 to another. Thermometers – Temperature in the jacket and the calorimeter, respectively, shall be measured with the following thermometers: If necessary, modify the bomb such astmm the feet are 12mm high to allow for better water circulation under the bomb.

Standard Test Methods Compliance – Parr Instrument Company

Through the improvement of the calorimeter controls and temperature measurements, the precision is improved over that of Test Method D Initially determine the energy equivalent by averaging six determinations made using benzoic acid over a period of at least 3 days. Sodium Hydroxide Solution 0.

The heat of combustion is determined by burning a weighed samples in an oxygen-bomb calorimeter under controlled conditions.