ASTM D (R): STANDARD TEST METНОD FOR DETERMINING WATER SEPARATION CHARACTERISTICS OF AVIATION TURBINE FUELS BY. Water Separation Characteristic, Free Water And Particulate Testing (ASTM Standard Test Methods D, D, D & D)(D is included in. *ASTM D included in Specifications D and D Standard Test Method for. Determining Water Separation Characteristics of Aviation Turbine.

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For quality control purposes, water separation characteristics of fuels asmt rated to determine the amount of surface active materials surfactants present. Surfactants degrade the performance of filter separators used to remove water from the fuel. The presence of water can impair engine performance and initiate microbiological growth, which can cause corrosion in tanks and filter plugging in fuel lines.

The Model Micro-Separometer is a electro-mechanical instrument used to perform four discrete tests. Test Method D, D and D employs the use of a turbidimeter, a mechanical mixer, and a disposable coalescer filter.


A portion of the sample, in a clear glass vial, is used to set the meter to read Astmm sample in the vial is discarded and the vial is retained. The emulsion is passed through the filter at a programmed rate and a portion is collected in the retained vial.

The vial is replaced in the turbidimeter and the water separation characteristic of the fuel is rated. The value obtained is compared to the unprocessed sample that was used to set the meter to The higher the rating, being the maximum, the less surfactant present.

Test Method D passes a portion of the sample through a filter medium, which is collected in a clear glass, vial. The vial is placed in the turbidimeter and the meter is adjusted to The processed fuel is discarded and a portion of the unprocessed fuel is placed in the vial, which is re-inserted in the turbidimeter.

Higher ratings, is maximum, indicate that there is less free water and particulate present. Each Test Kit contains vacuum packed expendables that are used to perform a single test.



A container of distilled water is also included in each Six Pack to perform water separation tests. We recently welcomed “Bob” to our engineering team. He does consume a lot of strange material plastics, metalized thread, rubber, etc.

Give Us A Call! Water Separation Characteristic Test Method D, D and D employs the use of a turbidimeter, a mechanical mixer, and a disposable coalescer filter.

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