BOOK REVIEW: The Roots of Coincidence: An Excursion into Parapsychology by Arthur Koestler (Vintage Books) With psychologist Carl. Critical Review of Arthur Koestler’s “The Roots of Coincidence”!1 by Jake Embrey The study of parapsychology, external sensory perception (ESP) and. The Roots of Coincidence. By Arthur Koestler. THE ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE : AN EXCURSION INTO PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Arthur Koestler.

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The best chapter is a historical overview of theories of meaningful coincidences as part of an “acausal connecting principle”, as Jung later devised it. A monstrous yhe that starts slow in its avoidance of a clear connection to creativity. I’m not an expert on the subject, but I’m wondering if this concept has gained more scientific support over the last 43 years. Account Options Sign in. Is the nature of human sexual organs and that of hypothesised extra-sensory perception so easily comparable?

Warren Weaver said “I end by concluding that I cannot explain away Rhine’s evidence, and that Koeetler also cannot accept his interpretation. A book of its time published infull of disputable arguments meant to support notions of parapsychology, and occasionally adorned with mildly interesting facts. So, all actions are as they were meant to and are to be.

View all comments. The nature of scientific theories is something in which must be considered when the adoption of a new scientific ideal or theory is presented, a scientific theory must contain particular causal explanations for it to be granted satisfactory.

His slim volume The Roots of Coincidence makes for engrossing reading. Koestler wrote this book in but it rarely shows its age.

The Roots of Coincidence

Jul 29, Devin rated it it was amazing Shelves: See 2 questions about The Roots of Coincidence…. The same lack of falsifiability can be observed when subjects who at first showed telepathic traits later lose their ability. Paperbackpages. In he joined the Communist Party of Germany but, disillusioned, he resigned from it in and in published a devastating anti-Communist novel, Darkness at Noonwhich propelled him to instant international fame.

Most notably, it was the inspiration for the album “Synchronicity” by The Police. In the end I used a small pamphlet I had been given at a recent exhibition Id seen – which included work by the Irish painter Francis Bacon and was excellent.


Critique of Arthur Koestler’s “The Roots of Coincidence” | Jake Embrey –

Along with Secrets of the Great Pyramidthis was one of the most mind-blowing books of the early seventies. This book changed my view of the universe and humanity. On July 27Donald Trump publicly invited Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s server and find the 30, “missing emails”.

A fairly shallow overview of PK research, briefly touching on mediumship and mesmer but mostly focusing on uncertainty in quantum physics.

Click here to sign up. There is a terrible danger of ruining their careers by even being associated with such stuff. The claim of an a-causal principle is merely supported by coincidences, without any form of explanation, events which at the end of the day more likely occurred by pure coincidence then some unifying principle.

I’m not good at higher math or science, but this book made me feel so. Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March This had been an instructive read, I thought, going through the final paragraph.

Rather, he built a colourful argument for his psychical holon A Koestler word that must function in a physical and psychic existence. Are psychic phenomena caused by something in Quantum Theory?

Posted by Andrew Cartmel at And what does the careful statistical analysis tell us? But when an author begins a book with a quote like I am afraid my subject is rather an exciting one and as I don’t like excitement, I shall approach it in a gentle, timid, roundabout wayyou know what you’re getting into.

Koestler’s discussion of Jung’s work on sync A fairly shallow overview of PK research, briefly touching on mediumship and mesmer but mostly focusing on uncertainty in quantum physics.

This chapter and the one before it which talks about the results and hypotheses arising out of ESP experiments in the lab is intended to create a rapprochement between the real world and parapsychology in the lab, even if the rapprochement is negative in the sense that the unthinkable phenomena of ESP appear somewhat less preposterous in the light of the unthinkable propositions of physics.


Most of Koestler’s arguments are actually pretty solid and his overarching theoretical framework is very elegant, widely applicable, and maybe riots capable of shedding light on some very fundamental mysteries.

This is a hypothesis in which I am not arguing with, yet the interpretation of the results and their supposed evidence for telepathic phenomenon are more questionable.

This obvious explanation isn’t even considered. Mar 08, Gabriel rated it liked it. This was my first Koestler book and I was apprehensive about whether or not I would enjoy it.

The roots of coincidence – Arthur Koestler – Google Books

Rhine Jung Jung’s Kammerer Kammerer’s Kepler Koestler laboratory Lamarckian large numbers laws London manifestations mathematical matter mental Midwife Toad mind modern physics mystic nature neurons neutrino Nobel Prize odds against chance paradox parapsychology Pauli phenomena Philosophy physicist postulated precognition predict principle processes produced Professor psitrons Psychical Research psychokinesis psychology quantum physics quantum theory quote random reported scientific scientists self-transcending sensory Seriality so-called Soal Society for Psychical space statistical sub-atomic Synchronicity telepathy theoretical things thousand turn universe aethur whole Wolfgang Pauli wrote.

But he does not tackle the first obvious question: Aug 20, Derrick Trimble rated it it was ok. Refresh and try again.

Material about the paranormal falls into two categories, subjective personal anecdotes and carefully controlled scientific experiments. In he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and three years later with leukaemia in its terminal stages. Saw the book used on the Red Dwarf TV show by the characters and realized I had it from a collection I inherited, unlikely an example of a coincidence. Koestler explains clearly and well why this is, rots wry humour and genuine interest.

Some fine bio-horror in his examples of frogs re-assembling themselves from petri dish pieces. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. List of parapsychologists Skeptics of parapsychology. Open Preview See a Problem?