Argos and Zingara are the dominant maritime nations of the Hyborian age, volatile, bloody and wealthy. Great merchants challenge the old ways of feudalism. Buy Argos and Zingara by Vincent Darlage, Richard Ford from Waterstones today ! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on. Setting book covering the maritime nations Argos and Zingara from the world of Conan. Game Editions, [ Add Edition ]. Game Editions. [ Edit Edition ].

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Argos and Zingara

Argos and Zingara are two of the most politically volatile nations of the world, where men’s destinies are decided through wealth and sword. In these contentious realms of the Hyborian Age, one’s skills are as important as the circumstances of one’s birth.


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A sourcebook detailing the nations of Argos and Zingara. More Information Edit History.

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