High performance motor oil using Aral-Synth-Technology. Aral High Tronic M 5W is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines. It is approved. Aral SuperTronic G SAE 0W Aral SuperTronic LongLife II. SAE 0W Aral SuperTronic B SAE 5W Aral Tronic SAE 5W Aral HighTronic F SAE. Aral HighTronic 5W High performance engine oil. Description. High performance engine oil with Aral Synthetic Technology for demanding driving conditions.

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May 29th, So is this something to use in my PD even though it is not a full synthetic Thanks!

Aral Motoröl Tronic 431 5w-40

Last edited by 10then34; May 29th, at Thank you very much for bringing up the fact that Group III aarl are called semi synthetic synthetic technology in Europe.

To put it simply, quality Group III oils will do as well as Group IV in regards to sludge, ring sticking, high temp turbo protection and resistance to turbo coking.

There is truly no reason to avoid a Group III oil for any application here. I would only prefer a quality Group IV oil for high boost, turbocharged, race vehicles. Again with the list that’s over 1 year old Or at least 11 months and 20 days old My point is, it is not the “be all, end all” list of oils. It is quite out of date and there are many more choices available now that will not void your warranty. It doesn’t matter what an oil marketer is willing to call a synthetic or syn blend. We don’t run base oil in our engines; we use finished lubricants base oil blended with additives.


Моторные масла Castrol, Motul, Aral, Mobil и др. (Киев, доставка по Украине)

Each oil has a certain performance level capability – regardless of the base oil marketing label that many get wrapped up in. If a finished lubricant is independently validated as passing Some OEMs have a series of tronjc that allow some oils to be classified as higher performance vs others, some only have a single hurdle which makes it more difficult to decipher which Last edited by OilGuy; May 29th, at May 30th, Valvoline Synpower 5W has “VW My point is that this oil or any oil that claims to be certified for a given mfg certification is fine for use.

Obviously you wouldn’t use something that doesn’t state VW Now, 5w-04 to get a letter from Valvoline about this is pretty dumb considering it’s right there on 5w-440 label.

My car is a VW because it says so right on the car and in the car etc, call up VW and try to get a letter from them stating that my car is a VW, kind of stupid 5s-40 it? Valvoline does not have the actual certification as far as we know that is awarded by VW after an oil meets the testing criteria. This does not mean they wouldn’t pass the spec.

5e-40 all, they are putting their company name on the line when they claim to meet a spec.

The same is true for Amsoil. There are careful ways of wording the label on the bottle so that it could appear that a company does have certification from VW when in fact it doesn’t yet.

Where the rubber meets the road is when an owner comes to VW troniv warranty work. Then it is up to the dealership’s discretion whether or not to push for warranty support. This is where someone running a non-certified oil could get hung out to dry. If not then I will put BMW badging on my car and sell it as one to someone that does not know. It is recommended for European and North American gasoline or diesel vehicles requiring any of the following worldwide specifications: Too crafty for me.


Amsoil does not say their oil is All times are GMT The time now is Gone, but not forgotten. Non TDI related postings will be moved or removed. This forum is NOT for the discussion of biodiesel and 5d-40 alternative fuels. Page 2 of Send a private message to demhaizar. Find More Posts by demhaizar.

Aral Motoröl Tronic 5w | eBay

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Please provide links to said oils. Originally Posted by lwg Again with the list that’s over 1 year old Northern Virginia TDI s: Send a private message to OilGuy.

Find More Posts by OilGuy. Send a private message to scooperhsd. Find More Posts by scooperhsd. Originally Posted by tditom The same is true for Amsoil.

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