Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Anthony F Bogaert and others published Understanding Asexuality. Toward a Conceptual Understanding of Asexuality. Anthony F. Bogaert. Brock University. Asexuality has been the subject of recent academic (A. F. Bogaert. Asexuality can be defined as an enduring lack of sexual attraction. Thus who has provided important contributions to understanding asexuality.

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Additionally, Bogaert exhibits his skills as an academic and a researcher, as most of what he says is carefully backed up by data that he or others have collected.

Understanding Asexuality

May 07, Alison Williams rated it liked it Recommends it for: The Prevalence of Asexuality. Asexuality is a sexual orientation that is often overlooked; it has garnered little attention from the scientific community compared to other sexual orientations. I did not see it. Like for example that Asexual people don’t face the same set of difficulties as for example homosexuals.

Bogaert sets out to carefully define and describe asexuality using a four-part approach to help categorize the processes of sexuality: This book is full of interesting citations to results on sexuality in many forms, not just asexuality, but also studies of, say, masturbation in all populations in order to compare against masturbation in asexualsand on gender etc.

Understanding Asexuality by Anthony F. Bogaert

It’s an important book, because it’s the first and one of the very few books that talk about asexuality- a topic completely absent from our sex-crazed society. So no, I do not think that this is meant to be an in-depth look at all the many unique facets of asexual life and in many ways I do not think it was written for the asexual community at all. Until the 19th century, British culture held that women had higher levels of sexual desire than men.


Take this example in chapter six where the author says, “The Holy Grail of sexual Mysteries is female sexuality This makes it important. It also feels a bit weird that the author is not asexual.

In addition, some asexual people experience sexual desire, but asexyality is not related to the desire for a specific person. Other chapters discuss asexuality in regard to masturbation why would an asexual person masturbate? In his newest book, Understanding Asexualityhe explores what he calls the fourth dimension of sexual orientation. Sex and Gender 7: But some chapters were completely unnecessary. Whoops, read this asexualiity in one go. Don’t have a sex drive? View freely available titles: Aug 09, July rated it it was amazing.

Definitely a worthwhile read in my humble opinion. A Monster in All Our Lives Apr 22, Patricia rated it liked it Shelves: Forging an Asexual Identity.

So, what about interviewing a sample of both genders – but the results will also be coloured by reporting bias and embarrassment about discussing a relatively taboo subject.

Asexuality as the fourth sexuality.

azexuality Thanks for telling us about the problem. I would not recommend this book to someone trying to figure themselves out-the language and tone are sterile and a bit dulland readers may feel uncomfortable.


He has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, along with book chapters, on such topics as asexuality, sexual desire, sexual orientation, birth order and sexual identity, and other related topics.

I’m not quite done with the book yet, but I think it’s overall a very important book because there is so little research out there on asexuality.

Tuttavia, rimane un saggio focalizzato sulla biologia, sui dati raccolti nei vari studi e dalle conseguenze che se ne possono trarre. Bogaert provides a start; now, it is time for others to take interest and begin real research.

I imagine that most readers, especially nonacademic ones, are not wondering things like “What would nude art be like if all artists were asexual?

Bogaert made an excellent anthhony at deconstructing a very complex issue, identifying and analysing components of romance, sexual desire, behaviour, attraction, sexual pleasure, cognition and identity, differentiating between them, trying to establish whether the absence or presence of each of these components signifies asexuality.

Although there are very few books about male sexual empowerment, I must say. In that vein, he establishes that sexual attraction and romantic attraction are different concepts: Catherine’s Review Understanding Asexuality helps people understand asexuality in a way that asexual websites cannot.