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From the most agla lands came famous. His father answered him: These works that show interest on popular the region are considered as a keystone in the artist’s oeuvre. He ordered them to place a lofty throne for Abla in front of the pavilion.

My heart is at rest: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Antarah ibn Shaddad. Lebanese painter Rafic Charaf developed from the s a series of paintings depicting the epics of Antar and Abla.

Antarah ibn Shaddad

Fortune has aided me, and my prosperity cleaves the veil of night, and the seven orders of heaven. All present gave a shout; whilst the malicious and ill-natured cried: Clouston, [], at sacred-texts. Antarah ibn Shaddad Arabic: They executed his commands: The night on which a bridegroom should wed his wife, they brought a quantity of camel pack-saddles, and heaped them one upon the other, decorating them with magnificent garments.

He gained attention and respect for himself by his remarkable personal qualities and courage in battle, excelling as an accomplished poet and a mighty warrior. The Mokbel Art Collection. The time and manner of his death are matter of dispute. To secure allowance to marry, Antarah had to face challenges including getting a special kind of camel from the northern Arab kingdom of the Lakhmidsthen under Al-Nu’man III ibn al-Mundhir.


Thus, after all his trials and perils, the renowned son of Shedad was duly married to his darling Abla, and thus he expressed his satisfaction at the consummation of his wishes:.

But should he reach his bride in safety, the people quitted him, and no one attempted to approach him. He gave them permission, whilst his brothers and slaves stood round the pavilion with their swords, and javelins, and weapons. Al JiwaAncient ArabiaArab world.

It formerly acted as the guardians of the Church of the Nativity. And then came the wedding night. This page was last dt on 1 Augustat It was immortalized when one of his poems was included in the Mu’allaqatthe collection of poems eh said to have been suspended in the Kaaba.

Its importance has been compared with English literature ‘s Arthurian romances. In her hand she bore a drawn sword, whose lustre dazzled the eyesight. Sleep has calmed my eyelids, and relieved them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history.

Antarah ibn Shaddad – Wikipedia

After defeating the invaders, he sought to gain permission to marry his cousin. And never was there such another glorious wedding!

Abla was remarkable for her beauty and loveliness: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. The men and the women were promiscuously moving together; the girls came forth, and the slave-women were amusing themselves, enjoying the happy moments. Arabian Poetryby W. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ibn Doreid has him slain by Wasr-ben-Jaber [1] or in battle against the Tai, [2]while according to Abu Obeida he died a natural death in old age.


They clothed her in most magnificent robes and superb necklaces; they placed the coronet of Chosroe on her head, and tiaras round her forehead: Many more wonderful exploits were performed by Antar in opposing the enemies of Abs—many illustrious warriors fell beneath the stroke of his irresistible sword Dhami, before he attained the chief desire of his heart.

Each of these illustrious chiefs addressed verses to Antar, in praise of his prowess, and congratulating him on his marriage. As regards their genuineness, cf. Retrieved from ” https: At length King Cais, grateful for his services, resolved that Antar should be married to his darling Abla without further delay, and his uncle Malik freely gave his consent.

Retrieved 18 February Here they conducted the bride, and having seated her on high, they said to the bridegroom: The account of his life forms the basis of a long and extravagant romance. Wntar a rib or so were broken in the affair, it was well for him; were he killed, it was his destiny.