Sea of Poppies. HB: TPB: PB: Ebook: At the heart of this vibrant saga is a vast ship, the. Sea of Poppies (Ibis Trilogy) [Amitav Ghosh, Phil Gigante] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At the heart of this vibrant saga is an immense. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Diaspora, myth and a fascinating Sea of Poppies: Ibis Trilogy Book 1 – Kindle edition by Amitav Ghosh. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. His device is brilliant. A saga of a ship, the Ibis, in the Indian Ocean and ghosn depiction of local characters in typical Indian way enthralled me and it kept me engaged with its characters and story. The ship will henceforth carry opium bound for China and indentured servants to colonies like the British West Indies.

The bustling port city is the site of forbidden romance, disguise, deceit, courtroom dramas and ritual suttees the practice of burning recent widows.

‘Sea of Poppies’: An Epic Tale Of Opium And Empire

This is really a 5-star book, but I am only giving it 4-stars because any serious review would be a spoiler, and this book is so good I wouldn’t want to do that, gnosh because I am pissed off at the author for finishing the story quite arbitarily and without having published the next chapter, the next book in the trilogy. Discussion for Sea of Poppies 15 60 Aug 11, There was some retribution in the end of the book but it came ghpsh a huge cost.


Scott gave his readers not merely the bizarre character-types and wide open spaces of a fantastic pre-industrial Scotland, but antiquities, dialect, history, geography and lashings of political economy. All the while I found myself comparing this novel to its disadvantage to Paul Scott’s The Raj Quartetwhich was poignant in its capture of the dying days of the British Raj. And, amitaav the dozens of subplots, in each instalment there are two main stories fitted into a setting that best allows Ghosh to talk about that part of the trade and war that the instalment is dealing with.

Part II 12 12 Dec 10, Initial Thoughts and Part I 20 19 Dec 15, Each one of these people has his or her own story, and these are woven into the fabric of the novel as the tale progresses. This brother-in-law is the real father of Deeti’s daughter Kabutri. It is just a perfect historical fiction maitav. Both Kalua and Deeti are running away from persecution.

A group of random individuals end up on a former slave ship as it makes it way from India to China during the opening years of the Opium Wars, in the first half of the 19th century. In bringing his troupe of characters to Calcutta and into the open water, Ghosh provides the reader with all manner of stories, and equips himself with the personnel to man and navigate an old-fashioned literary three-decker.

Poppy flowers, sap and trash are processed before Deeti’s terrified village eyes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This book really disappointed me. He no longer teaches and is currently writing the next volume of the Ibis Trilogy.

For example, Robin Chinnery, a main focus in the second novel, is dealt with in a single line in the last novel. In Sea of Poppies, Amitav Ghosh assembles from different corners of the world sailors, marines and passengers ooppies the Ibis, a slaving schooner now converted to the transport of coolies and opium.


As one might expect, Ghosh passes over for his chief romantic interest both English and natives. And this is how you write a historical fiction. Aitav the support of the head of the lascarsSerang Ali, Zachary becomes the second in command of the ship.

Ghosh expertly weaves together t It has been said that the Ibis, a seafaring schooner, bound from Baltimore to Calcutta and destined to transport opium to China lay at the heart of this story and while I poppiees that the Ibis is central to the tale being told, the true heart of this saga and what ultimately brings together a diverse cast of characters is opium. In a sense, the characters are the backdrop to the history rather than the other way round.

I feel that Amitav Ghosh is really having fun with the languages and the many colloquialisms he uses. All I pf say to Amitav Ghosh, is hurry up man, I’m waiting, what happens next???

‘Sea of Poppies’: An Epic Tale Of Opium And Empire : NPR

Bhurman, an important dealer in the opium trade. Paperbackpages. Having recently come back from a trip to India, I was once again intoxicated by the sights, sounds, and smells of India as depicted in this gorgeous novel.