Urdu Poet Ameer Khusro Shayari امیر خسرو کی شاعری, Read Urdu Poetry of Ameer Khusro, read large collection of Ameer Khusro Ghazals, Nazams and Poems. (Persian: / Urdu ابوالحسن یمین‌الدین خسرو ; Hindi: अबुल हसन यमीनुद्दीन ख़ुसरौ, better known as Amir Khusrow (or Khusrau) Dehlawi. A Sufi mystic and a disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya, Amir Khusro’s portrayal of TAGS: amir khusroa, amir khusro poems, poetry, urdu poetry.

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Retrieved 5 August The Selected Poetry of Amir Khusrau”. While this subject has been much discussed, it is the aim of this paper to show briefly that a revision of the existing history at least in the English language is long overdue. One of his first topics is the wide scope of Indo-arabic cultures as represented in various art-forms religion and history.

The sense also needed to be complete only with the addition of Hindi words. Inwhen Khusrow was 47 years old, his mother and brother died. This brought his khuro to the attention of the Assembly of khusr Royal Court where he was honored. Ala ud-Din Khalji was highly pleased with his work and rewarded him handsomely. He not only welcomed the refugees to his court but also granted high offices and landed estates to some of them.

A very important book H. They have no meaning — they are not meant to have any meaning. Arabic velar consonants have been transliterated with the help of two dots below the corresponding letter; Sanskrit retroflex consonants have been represented with one dot below the letter. Nizami, Peer Shamsuddin AD.

10 Soulful Poems By Amir Khusro, The Poet Who Saw Love In A Spiritual Light

Daya Narayan Nigam, Kanpur, Article: Noor-ul-Hasan CompilerAD. Khusrow was honoured and respected in his court and was given the title “Amir”. Khalid Mukhtar and Shamsul Islam Abdali.


Acknowledgments I am grateful to Dr. Up to the age of sixteen, whichever book of verse he happened to lay his hand on, he tried to follow its author in the art of composition.

GhazalQawwaliRuba’iTarana. In ihusro case of Indic words appearing in a Persian text, the Persian transliteration conventions have been followed.

Khusrow writes about Jalal ud-Din Firuz:. There are a set of syllables, or sollukottus, that are typical to a Tillana. In addition, he actively planned music events and activities throughout Nor does any of his contemporary, or even later writers mention the name.

Sultan Shams ud-Din Iltutmishruler of Delhi, was amiir a Turk like them; indeed, he khudro been raised in the same region of central Asia, and had undergone somewhat similar circumstances in earlier life. The process of myth-making involving Khusrau seems to have already been under way by the time the Tuh. It is indeed true that there were far-reaching trade links between India and Arabia, dating to pre-Islamic times.

Bibliography of Urdu

In fact, it was he who started the process of synthesizing Turko-Persian music with Indian music. Khusrow then accompanied him to Multan in DaulatabadTranslated in Urdu by: A single drum was called ardhavaj half an avaj.

Ahmad Ayaaz of Deogiri amlr. Orient Blackswan — via Google Books. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We begin with S.

He is also said to have composed numerous new ragas. Some people call it Neirez instead, and regard it as a composite khusrro Pat. Faiz, Faiz Ahmad Editor. Shahab Sarmadee, New Delhi,p. Yamana Southern Arabia and Kalyana near Bombay coast have been trade-links and culturally congenial places of early medieval days.


Urdu Books of Ameer Khusrau | Rekhta

Though I happen to be faraway from my home town, yet I always sing of its beauty. A double radiance left my star this year Gone are my brother and my mother, My two khudro moons have set and ceased to shine In one short week through this ill-luck of mine.

Khusrow’s ghazals which he composed in quick succession were set to music and were sung by singing girls ami night before the Sultan.

Khusro has given his whole life to you, O Nizam.

अमीर खुसरो Amir Khusro ابوالحسن یمین‌الدین خسرو‎ | A World,s Heritage Of Native Music

Notable early Notable modern Singers. Vahshi Bafqi — ‘Orfi Shirazi. Some people say that is a composite of Tod. Royal Poet On the one hand Sultan Aalauddin, for the sake of righteousness and expediency of empire, stamped out all kinds of uru, the prohibited things, the wherewithals of disobedience, debauchery and wickedness with the use of chastisement and and on the other side Ameer Khusro opened wide the gate of discipleship and udru all kinds of men as his murids, be they high or low, wealthy or impecunious, noble or faqir, learned or ignorant, high born or low born, urbane or rustic, soldier or warrior.

They are composed purely based on how beautiful they sound together.