Alberto Acereda was a professor of Spanish and Latin American Literatures at Arizona State University from until He earned his B.A. in Hispanic. Posts By Alberto Acereda. Senior Director, Business Development. Some Thoughts on the Future of College Assessment. Toward a Culture of Evidence. Alberto Acereda. By. Topics; Future of Assessment · Global English · Higher Education · K & Adult Education · People & Community · R&D Lab · Skills, Gaps &.

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Developed a successful and comprehensive strategic plan for Spanish and Latin American Studies, working with interdisciplinary faculty and researchers and building strong undergraduate and graduate programs that led to high recognition in the graduate area with the Spanish Ph.

In other areas of literature, Alberto Acereda has published extensively and his research has appeared in different research journals around the world.

Alberto Acereda

He was a wonderful mentor for my role as instructor. Acereda has written extensively on Latin American and Spanish alverto, its connections to social issues such as human rights and he has held teaching appointments in Spain and the United States.

He graduated in Hispanic Philology at the University of Barcelona. He led a top undergraduate and graduate academic unit at Arizona State University and also directed several other graduate programs within the School of International Letters and Cultures and working directly with the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Dean of the Graduate College, and the Acsreda Office.


Ediciones de la Universidad Americana, Legal, Literary, and Historical Perspectives.

Alberto Acereda – ETS Open Notes

Served and chaired different commitees for the Department and the College of Arts and Sciences. Doctoral work in several romance languages including the French, Italian, Portuguese and Aceredda traditions with specialization in the Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures. Modern Spanish American Poets. Core advanced classes in accounting, strategy, management, finance, human resources, marketing, global and business law.

Nationally renowned degree, both in the field of Spanish Language studies and in the field of Hispanic Literature. Gabriela Mistral y los Estados Unidos.

Verbum-Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Song of the Self: Del rascacielos a la catedral: Full Professor and Department Chair Chaired and led the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the largest academic unit in the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University, with majors, minors acered over 60 teaching graduate assistants and associates.

Letras Hispanas 2 Assessment and Preparation of Hispanic College Students. Princeton, New JerseyU. He provides overall leadership for business development initiatives and academic outreach in Global and Higher Education.

He also led projects on academic excellence for faculty in the midst of an innovative model in higher education called the “New American University. Bucknell University Press, The Crystal and the Snake: Studies in Honor of Donald L. Lead acerfda strategic planning and execution of global business development roadmaps that result in increase in strategic relations and alliances as well as in substantial growth in the use of ETS assessment tools for higher education institutions and individual learners.


Aceredx de las Letras y las Artes Revista Literaria y Cultural 21 His current research concerns the intersection of literature, journalism and politics and the social space in Modern Latin America and Spain.

Revista Literaria 18 Romance Notes 49 Few colleagues possess his sense of how innovation is unfolding in the wider world or his avid imparting of that wisdom to the rest of us. Romance Quarterly 48 Anuario del Centro de Estudios Martianos 18 Revista de Literaturas Modernas Replacing the Subject in Modern Spain Nashville: Anejos de Analecta Malacitana, CajaMurcia, Obra Cultural,