Transport Aérien / Madagasikara Airways: d’Inter Iles à Go Comores. Inauguré le 24 septembre dernier, la compagnie Madagasikara Airways a desservi. The Comoros Archipelago is situated in the north-east of Madagascar, at the entrance of the Mozambique Channel. The Archipelago, which appeared in the. PRACTICAL HEALTH INFORMATIONS The international vaccination booklet against yellow fever and cholera is recommended for all visitors coming from.

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The institutions The National Assembly is, according to the Constitution, the legislative committee of the Union.

Comores infos, 1er site d’information des Comores | Actualités et Habari Ya Comores

There are two seasons in the Comoros: The projects were a hard sell. But what about the Bidoon?

It is a scenic drive, lined with pineapple, breadfruit, and mango trees, as well as potholes and piles of trash. Comoros is the French name derived from the Arabic name Juzur al Camar. The other three, which became independent on 6 Julyform the Union of the Comoros. On the Comoros there are numerous tropical ecosystems that are primarily dependent enn the altitude.

A British preservation group sent an expedition to the Comoros inwith the object of transporting alhalad specimens to Comotes Britain, in order to form a reproducing colony. Karthalaa shield volcano occupying some two thirds of the island, rises to meters.

He was forced to flee following military intervention by troops of the Comorian Union and the African Union. The political authorities on the island had turned the population of the island against the central government, advocating at first reunification with France, and later a greater autonomy bordering on independence.

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The latter, the nearest to Madagascar, chose to remain French during the referendum.

Three of the four islands Ngazidja, Nzwani and Mwaliwhich became French overseas territories ingained unilateral independence twenty-nine years later in The fn Year which starts will be marked by the holding of the general States alablad the press, the first national conference of the media, supported by the president of the republic himself, Ahmed Abdallah Sambi The emergence of the passport industry suggests that comradeship has given way to commerce, and that citizenship is becoming a commodity to be bought and sold.

But there was one more thing left to do: Sinceinternational organisations have been given some clues — few of them consistent with one another — about how much money ended up in state hands. But what is also clear just from looking around Moroni is that the massive infrastructure projects never saw the light of day. But he says it was due to executive intransigence, and a lack of long-term planning on the part of the Comorian government.

However, the politicians were dealing with men who would not take no for an answer.

Albalad Comores

Lemurs of Madagascar 2nd ed. Just as his Comorian projects were coming together, the financial crisis had hit the Gulf. He began to make regular trips apbalad the islands, until his visits became a near-monthly occurrence.


He told me that he found willing partners in the Emirati interior minister, Saif bin Zayed al Nahyan, and his secretary-general, police chief Major General Dr Nasser al Nuaimi. It is consisted of thirty-three members of cmoores elected for a mandate of fi ve 5 years The passport industry had thus far only served those who could afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain a second citizenship.

The ages progressively decrease from east to west.

The bizarre scheme to transform a remote island into the new Dubai

The National Assembly is, according to the Constitution, the legislative committee of the Union. Efforts to preserve species are still not enough to save the richest zones, and disturbances of biotopes are expected to take place for many years to come. He gave Kiwan instant credibility. This time, Kiwan sensed comoers opportunity.

Comoro Islands – Wikipedia

The types and tariffs of visas appear as follows:. This article needs to be updated. Between meetings, he mapped out a Comorian business empire, drawing up elaborate plans for tourism, development, commerce, and trade, and pitching the projects to investors through a company called Comoro Gulf Holding CGH. InFrance organized a referendum for self-determination in the archipelago in which the population except in Mayotte voted overwhelmingly in favour of independence.