Results 1 – 12 of 18 (a story for juvenile). Feb 1, by Akhtaruzzaman Elias Akhtaruzzaman Elias: Racanasamagra by Akhtaruzzaman Elias. Akhtaruzzaman Elias. K likes. Akhtaruzzaman Elias is a major Bengal fiction writer particularly noted for his subtle sense of humor, realistic use of. Akhtaruzzaman Elias: (* +) wrote only two novels – Chilekothar Sepai ( Sentry of the Attic, ) and Khoabnama (Dream- Elegy, ) but he has.

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In her second novel Chandrer Prothom Kola she began to manipulate it but her third akhtaruzzamsn Chandralekhar Jaadubistar made her a significant writer in this arena.

Akhtaruzzaman Elias dreamt for a day, when all individuals will come out from their small room to establish their rights. Based on a sensitive and meticulous deconstruction of Elias’s texts, it should encourage readers to proceed to the texts themselves. To read or confront his writing is to go through an experience that thoroughly changes our worldview and questions carefully constructed rationales and dogmas.

When Pakistan was created, government does nothing for them. The Author examines Elias’s poetry, short stories, two novels, and his cosmovision and then analyses the varied responses of the readers of Bangladesh.

In the novel Tamij may be considered as a significant character who shares most of the incidents of Khoabnama indirectly or directly, familially or socially. He also loses everything — his father loses his good fame as a religious person, and at last in dire hopelessness he dies, his stepmother Kulsum loses her security and homestead and later on losing her chastity she is killed.

Then he came to Dhaka again and started to study in Dhaka College, from where he passed intermediate in Through the story of different families and communities of the locality he has manipulated his ideals. They lost everything they had. The mischievous news tells that the Muslims are killing the Hindus in Kolkata. But the sorry saga is though hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed in this part of Bangla only on religious dogmatism. Thus Akhtaruzzaman Elias presents the shattering of dreams through his dream-like delineation.


He passed matriculation from Bogra Zilla School in The first appearance of Kulsum is also in a dream. We know that Tamij i.

He was involved with a literary magazine Shakkhor in Elias describes the activities of the Muslim League leaders. The conflict is not only between Hindus and Muslims but also the haves and the have-nots.

Akhteruzzaman Elias – Wikipedia

The novel opens with Tamijer Bap Father of Tamij — his real name is never exposed and in the very first paragraph the myths related to Tomijer Bap and Munshi Boytullah Shah and the nearly locality come forth. According to Elias, past elizs not a dead thing. And the landlords grab their crops with the help of police force. Refuge-problem is another consequence of the partition of India.

He became the principal of the Government Music College in December same year. Without any prior information he takes a train bound for Santahar from where he gets the train for Hilly or Jaydebpur or Takurgaon and eliaa the story of Tamij ends in dreams — the dreams of a family where he is an human being, more over where he is a husband of Fuljan, a father of his daughter.

The loss of one breast by two women both Muslim — one by the Hindus one by the Muslims — adds a special meaning to akhtaruzaman whole plot of the novel — the akhtaruzzzman of which denotes the separation of India and Pakistan for which Bangla was divided and was made incomplete — that incompleteness is yet to be completed, history says.

Besides, his write ups continued to develop the mass opinion in favor of our liberation struggle.

Akhtaruzzaman Elias Intermingles Dreams, Myths and Realities

Elias deserves a reputation as the most powerful novelist in the Bengali literary world after Manik Bandyopadyay. His short stories were published in all the leading newspapers of Bangladesh. During the later part ofhe suffered from cancer. During the university days, he lived in Akhtauzzaman Haq Muslim Hall. Recently Salimullah Khan wrote an essay on Akhtaruzzaman Elias. After the brutal killing of Bangabandhu and most of his family members, when the government changed, Dainik Shangbad stopped to publish his akhtruzzaman.


Khizir one of the major characters in Chilekothar Sepai xkhtaruzzaman all his madness stands as a counter image, a schizophrenic revolt against the ‘rational’ Western Enlightenment.

On the spur of the moment, we can know that Niren is a nephew of Kartik Bhaduri. A large portion of them focused only on the rural lower class life. The case of Aakhtaruzzaman, though a Muslim and a settler of this region, is no better than those Muslim Mohazers.

In the last part of the book when Tamij is an absconder he leaves the company of the family of Abdul Aziz.

Thus the incident of Kolkata spreads with manifold interpretation across the villages also. By then he came in limelight as a serious and committed fiction writer.

He tries to rape Kulsum there and at last in a very mysterious series of incidents Kulsum is killed. Huge bloodshed and migration were the usual consequences of the whole incident.

But these two texts and his short stories, not many in number, have turned him into an icon, remembered and revered. Jaal Swapno, Swapner Jaala collection of stories and Sanskritir Bhanga Setua collection of essays were published posthumously in the same year of his death. Today, on the 73rd birth anniversary of this great writer, morning tea pays tribute to Akhtaruzzaman Elias. EC Secy Textbook festival to be held Jan 1 Food aid stolen as Yemen starves EMF sees 11th general elections free, fair Modi greets Hasina on re-election China reports 2, deaths from infectious diseases in November Death toll from landslides, flooding in Philippines rises to