Review of the Akai E2 Headrush looper pedal. The user manual isn’t as helpful as you would expect it to be so you will have to discover some of the features. Is there an optional expressional pedal that I can add to the Akai E2 HeadRush to control. Akai E2 Headrush Delay Looper Pedal Manual. Akai Professional E2 Headrush Review – based on Question/Answer format so you can skip around to . You would need to manually do this.

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Don’t show me this message again. Does any of this ring a bell with you about anything I could do? I put the E2 as the last effect on my pedal board before the input to my amp, Marshall Bluesbreaker. Overdubs and loops can be stretched by headrish extra 10 seconds in the Extend mode. Once in delay mode, you can use the right foot switch to tap the time tempo tap. Yup, I jeadrush plug it in last night for the first time and played with it, and its super fun.

Now nothing but frustration.

So basically ultimately i would like to rackmount the jam man and have a fs-6 type switch on the floor. The Marshall amp is where I get my overdrive.

Akai E2 HeadRush – Looper Review |

You can also change the mode by pressing both Footswitches simultaneously. Maybe another reader has a suggestion here. August 12, at The S2 E2 Headrush is a relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and robust looper that headruush well for both live performances and home use, but also lacks many of the bells and whistles of other loopers available today.

Noise, especially a hissing sound, was the nemesis of the Akai E1 pedal. Does it not have the right functionality, or is it outrageously expensive?


Akai Headrush E2

If that is something you are mqnual in experimenting with, your best option is really the Digitech Jamman Delay. Does what it claims and does it well.

There was none of the crackle or hiss either. Also, chris, I actually tried wiring a 9v battery casing with a plug on it and the headrush unit worked or about 10 minutes before it totally drained the battery. Thanks for the response. I gave the top case about a ten-minute soak in Fantastik — I had already soaked and scrubbed in Goo-Gone three times, mind — and after the soak it literally rinsed completely clean under the faucet, with the tiny exception of a little bit of gunk still in one of the potentiometer mounting recesses.

The box in the middel of the wires a,ai but no power seems to headush getting to the pedal. Did you find this review helpful? July 18, at You might be disappointed if you are looking to record entire verse and chorus parts because you will get just about 24 seconds at April 15, at Make Headrusy your replacement power supply is the same as the original or you could damage your pedal.

Akai E2 HeadRush instruction manual and user guide

Would this be possible with the headrush, i currently own a digitech jam man however the headrush insides look like they may be a little easier to work with. Even with a schematic, the hourly rate for a tech to trace through and find the introduction of the hiss would probably cost more than a new unit. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. When used with an electro-acoustic guitar, it sounded natural and plush and guess what?

User Comments on Harmony Central. Power requirements for electrical equipment vary from area to area.


Friends have suggested earthing the DI unit not sure what that means in a gig context! The feel is rugged and study and it seems like it could last for quite a few years without causing any trouble. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician or AKAI professional dealer. To really get the case clean, I wanted to get the maanual loose of the controls headrus I could give it a good soak; to fix the buttons, I wanted to spray them with contact cleaner.

Do you want to keep the JamMan once you have the Headrush?

Akai head rush e2 Operator’s Manual

The Akai E2 Headrush has a user friendly interface. Hi Keith, great blog! Many people trust the E2 in a live performance setting due to the use by the famous musician KT Tunstall. Should I just give manuall on this?

This picture is after a preliminary 3x cleaning with Goo-Gone. I have to press them really hard and even then sometimes nothing happens.

The sound, however, is a little too muffled. Note the filth that crept down onto the mode select pushbutton, and even the potentiometers:.

As someone said earlier in this section, I also have a buzzing E2 unit that I only really noticed when I hopped onstage! October 24, at Must be a systemic problem for this unit. Note the filth that crept down onto the mode select pushbutton, and even the potentiometers: I brought it home, plugged directly into my powered monitor and hiss galore.

Seriously, after an order of magnitude shorter time poking around than I had already done before cleaning, I feel pretty comfortable that I understand how to get it to do the things I want to do.