Agile Java draft complete! After a mind-numbing few weeks of frantic scrambling to code the exercises and incorporate all the feedback. Agile Java weaves all three into a single coherent approach to building professional, robust software systems. Jeff Langr shows exactly how Java and TDD. Agile Java is a valuable tutorial and reference. It introduces the Java languagewith no assumptions about a developer’s background in Java.

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Langr Software Solutions ยป Agile Java

Jeff Langr is an independent software consultant with a score and more years of development experience. Jeff provides expertise to customers in software development, design, and agile processes jfef his company, Langr Software Solutions http: He consulted at and has been employed by several Fortune companies, as well as the obligatory failed dot-com.


His background includes teaching a university course on Java. He has spoken about software development numerous times at national conferences and local agole group meetings.

While it didn’t aagile a huge splash, five years later Jeff says he still comes across blog entries of people who swear by their dog-eared copy. You can find links to these and other articles at Jeff’s web site. Who Is This Book For?

What This Book Is Not. How to Use This Book.

Conventions Used in This Book. Chronicle Volume 1 Inbunden. Legend Of Zelda, The: The Legend of Zelda: Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: Skickas inom vardagar.

Agile Java weaves all three langgr a single coherent approach to building professional, robust software systems. Jeff Langr shows exactly how Java and TDD integrate throughout the entire development lifecycle, helping you leverage today’s fastest, most efficient aglie techniques from the very outset.

Langr writes for every programmer, even those with little or no experience with Java, ,angr development, or agile methods. He shows how to translate oral requirements into practical tests, and then how to use those tests to create reliable, high-performance Java code that solves real problems. Agile Java doesn’t just teach the core features of the Java language: This TDD-centered approach doesn’t just lead to better code: The use of TDD as a learning mechanism is a landmark departure from conventional teaching techniques.


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