Aeschines: Against Timarchus [ BCE]. Aeschine’s speech Against Timarchus of BCE is one of the most valuable sources we have about Athenian. Access. Via Perseus Philologic. Aeschines. Against Timarchus. Perseus under Philologic. University of Chicago. 7 October (). In Against Timarchus, Aeschines introduces the argument of sections. 72 to 93 with an unusual exclamation. He claims that his oppo- nents will ask why he is not.

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Note that in ancient Athenian court trials, procedure consisted mostly of speeches delivered by plaintiff, defendant, and, at times, their supporters.

Or what Athenian was not indig- nant at Cephisodorus, called Molon’s son, for having ruined his surpassing beauty by a most infamous life? And what are Timarchu habits?

Aagainst citizens, there is one Misgolas, son ot Naucrates, of the deme Collytus, a man otherwise honourable, and beyond reproach save in this, that he is bent on that sort of thing like one possessed, and is accustomed always to have about him singers or cithara-players.

For so stern were they toward all shameful conduct, and so precious did they hold the purity of their children, that when one of the citizens found that his daughter had been seduced, and that she had failed to guard well her chastity till the time of marriage, he walled her up in an empty house with a horse, which he knew would surely kill her, if she were shut in there with him.

Ordinary interest rates ran from 12 per cent, to 18 per cent. And I beg you to pardon me, fellow citizens, if, compelled to speak about habits which by nature are, indeed, unclean, but are nevertheless his, I be led to use some expression that is as bad as Timarchus’ deeds. Whom does he specify in the third place? But if you reflect on the matter, fellow citizens, you will find this to be the best provision of all.

Journal Entries

For when the lawgiver had finished with these laws, he next turned to the question of the proper manner of conducting our deliberations concerning the tkmarchus important matters, when we are met in public assembly. See especially tlmarchus rhetoronbelow. How wide indeed is the distinction between these two agajnst and how great the difference, I will try to show you in what I shall next say. The superintendents of the gymnasia shall under no conditions allow agalnst one who has reached the age of manhood to enter the contests of Hermes together with the boys.


In the second place, it is easy to demonstrate the folly of this plea. Misgolas, provoked at the thing, proceeded to make search for him in company with Phaedrus.

For he says that if certain men by slandering this beauty of body shall cause beauty to be a misfortune to those who possess it, then in your public verdict you will contradict your personal prayers.

And right he is, by Zeus, say I! The most of them I will pass over, and mention two or three only.

The fellow, angry at their insolent treatment, brings a suit against each of them. View facing pages View left-hand pages View right-hand pages Enter avainst screen mode. Timardhus I could name many others, I will stop, lest I seem to be in a way courting their yimarchus by my praise.

The culture that the boys received was too often not tvnaiSevyia, but naiSepacrria. But even from this spot he did not withhold his hand ; this too he sold, for 2, drachmas. Therefore, fellow citizens, remove from among us such natures, for so shall you turn the aspirations of the young toward virtue. By the new law, timsrchus every meeting of the assembly one tribe is to be chosen by lot to have charge of the speaker’s platform, and to preside.

Of these men I call timarchuss one into court to testify publicly to his own misfortune, which he has chosen to cover in silence, but I leave it to you to investigate this matter. For the man who practises this thing with one person, and practises it for pay, seems to me to be liable to precisely this charge.

And when, as always happens, a crowd of people had come running up, Hegesandrus and Timarchus, afraid that their disgusting vices were going to be published to the whole town–a meeting of the assembly was about to be held–hurried up to the altar themselves, and some of their gaming-companions with them.

The Internet Classics Archive | Against Timarchus by Aeschines

No person who is older than the boys shall be permitted to enter the room while they are there, unless he be a son of the teacher, a brother, or a daughter’s husband. To which class do you assign Timarchus–to those who are loved, or to those who are prostitutes? To troubleshoot, please check our FAQsand if you can’t find the answer there, please contact us. Of these men I call no one into court to testify publicly to his own misfortune, which he has chosen to cover in silence, but I leave it to you to investigate this matter.


Our principal source for this procedure and the underlying ideologies is Aeschines’ Against Timarchus. I know too well the man is such As is the company he loves to keep. How does he begin?

The occasion was a meeting of the Amphictyonic Council at Delphi. The names of the merchants or other foreigners, or of our own citizens, who enjoyed the person of Timarchus in those days I will pass over willingly, that no one may say that I am over particular to state every petty detail. How wide indeed is the distinction between these two acts and how great the difference, I will try to show you in what I shall next say.

I myself have before now seen many men convicted before this tribunal, though they spoke most eloquently, and presented witnesses ; and I know that before now certain men have won their case, although they spoke most feebly, and although no witnesses testified for them.

Sex, Politics, and Disgust in Aeschines’ Against Timarchus

And right he is, by Zeus, say I! I have never, fellow citizens, brought indictment against any Athenian, nor vexed any man when he was rendering account of his office 1 ; but in all such matters I have, as I believe, shown myself a quiet and modest man.

As to the poems which they say I have composed, some I acknowledge, but as to others I deny that they tumarchus of the character that these people will impute to them, timarchks they will tamper with them. In the second place, look at tumarchus case in the light, not of the present moment, but of the time that is past.

Again, I will tell over to you in contrast men who have prostituted themselves shamefully and notoriously, in order that by calling these to mind you may place Timarchus where he belongs. Be 87 eveo-Tacriv eVi.

It seems that Aeschines was using a very corrupt text of Homer. So this forms part of a jury trial, with prosecutor Aeschines and defendent Timarchus — but it seems that Demosthenes spoke in Timarchus’ behalf delivering one lengthy speech each. The book’s production quality is high, although there are several typos, especially in the Bibliography e. In the second and longest part of the Introduction, F.