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AFI Personal Financial Responsibility. This instruction establishes administration and management guidelines for alleged delinquent financial. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Personal Financial Responsibility. AFI ▫ Establishes administration and management guidelines for alleged delinquent financial obligations. ▫

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But unlike court-ordered support, military family support cannot be garnished, nor can a commander actually divert a member’s pay to the spouse.

e-CFR data is current as of December 20, : Code of Federal Regulations

However, a military member who fails to pay could be punished under Article 92, UCMJ for violation of a lawful general regulation. SGT Michael Glenn 4 y. Sign Up with Email. CW5 Join to see. CMSgt Join to see 4 y. If I saw the manicure pictured I’d give the girl or guy and A for effort and hand them some polish remover.

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Peterson AFB legal assistance office at or Inspector General at Air Force Academy legal assistance office at or Inspector General at Already have an account? Posted in these groups: Sign Up with Facebook. Sign Up with Google. Fingernails must not hinder proper fit of prescribed safety equipment or uniform items. Posted 4 y ago.

Support can include not only cash payments, but in-kind payments like buying groceries, paying bills, etc. Unless some female airman has red skin complexion she should not be wearing red nail polish.


Fingernails must not interfere with the performance of assigned duties. I actually just can’t get passed that part. I don’t think nail color makes civilians think of us any less or make it look as though we aren’t professional.

Air Force Family Support Requirements. Do not apply designs to nails or apply two-tone or multi-tone colors; however, white-tip French manicures are authorized. In the event of nonsupport, the spouse seeking support can request assistance from the member’s commander, and if that does not work, the local JAG office or Inspector General.

Conservative Nail Polish? | RallyPoint

Personally, I think all branches should use the Air Force Regulation on this one. 3-62906 on Jan 2, Its not that big of a deal Here is afk link: That would be a contrast right? Oh, plain and simple Air Force InstructionPersonal Financial Responsibility requires Air Force personnel, in the absence of an aci or court order, to “provide adequate financial support to family members.

I don’t have the answer to the manicure dilemma, but if a woman soldier wants to get her nails done, it should compliment her uniform Unlike the other branches of the armed forces, the Air Force does not attempt to define the level of support, instead leaving it up to the parties’ agreement, and civilian courts if the parties do not agree.

It’s cool looking, but I would not characterize it as conservative. Some examples of extreme colors included, but are not limited to, purple, gold, blue, black, bright fire engine red and florescent colors.


What does this mean? CMSgt Join to seeand therein is either the advantage or problem, depending on your point of view. Log In with Google.

SPC Join to see 2 y. PVT Raymond Lopez 11 mo. Male Airmen are not authorized to wear nail polish. Afu Grooming Standards Adi. There has been a lot of discussion over the regulation on makeup and nails.

Air Force Academy legal assistance office at or Inspector General at SSG P Join to see 4 y. I’m also sort of concerned that this seems to allow pink and apparently red that isn’t bright? For assistance in enforcing the Air Force support obligation, contact: Colors that don’t take away from the uniform would be like a light pink for Caucasian woman and shades of brown for African American and Hispanic women, the shade dependent on their shade of skin.

Again, this is all personal opinion but I have also taken a poll throughout my entire brigade and we came to the same conclusion. Even when a commander receives a complaint of nonsupport, the commander may require proof of support, but cannot define what constitutes an adequate level aafi support.

TSgt Joshua Copeland 4 y. This article is short, as the Air Force family support requirement is almost non-existent.

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