AeroFarms is the commercial leader in indoor farming. We grow without sun or soil in a fully-controlled indoor environment. We have optimized our patented. Well, now it’s possible thanks to the AeroFarm, GHE’s latest growing module. to try aero-hydroponics now, keep your reservoir and simply buy the AeroFarm. Hydro system for beginners who want to try growing hydroponically. The system is made by GHE and is easily taken care of. The nutrient solution is pumped.

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Conversion Kit Ghe Aquafarm Aerofarm 2′ -General Hydroponics – Indoor Discount

aerofark X-Stream aeroponic propagator for 20 plants. Propagator Hydro Factory 59 x 39 x 24cm. We can use to grow our plants a lot of different systems. Hydroponic and the aeroponic are systems for more advanced growers but have a lot of advantages when aerofagm compare to growing in soil.


The flowers grow faster and have better and bigger fruits, you have the better control and these systems are almost maintenance free and more economical don’t waste water.

There are many types of the hydroponic system for ex. Bigger and faster yields.

Conversion Kit Ghe Aquafarm Aerofarm 2′ -General Hydroponics

The GHE AeroFarm is a perfect choice for new beginners growers who would like to test the wonderful hydroponic systems. It just have 45 x 45 x 43cm so it’s prerfect for small growing areas.

Easy to aeroofarm, to clean and maintain. AutoPot Tank Adapter 6 mm incl. AutoPot plug-in filter, 16 mm – 6 mm. Alien pro 55 liter Bubbler DWC. Wilma System Small wide 10 plants 6L pots. Wilma System large 4 plants 11L pots.

GHE AeroFarm 45L |

Wilma System large 4 plants 18L pots. Wilma System small 4 plants 6L pots. Wilma System Small wide 8 plants 11L pots. Oxypot aerkfarm Air Pump Kit.

Oxypot single Air Pump Kit. RP air stones set 2 loose airstones. There are no products selected for comparison.


Make the world greener with us. We have a holiday between X-Stream aeroponic propagator for 20 plants 1 ,00 Gbe. No customer reviews for the moment.

AutoPot plug-in filter, 16 mm – 6 mm 49,00 NOK. OxyPot 4 1 ,00 NOK.

AeroFarm 3″

Nutriculture irrigation mat ,00 NOK. RP air stones set 2 loose airstones 79,00 NOK. No products To be determined Shipping.