Products 1 – 10 of 15 Buy Now · Navtech Europe Supplement. AERAD Buy Now · Navtech Flight Guide Poland to Urals, & to SE Europe to Greece &. AERAD. If you are a UK-based aviator you will know about Aerad, and you will also know about Jeppesen. If you are based anywhere else in the world you will know. In addition to Aerad’s range of Flight Guide Supplements a larger range of accessories have been brought out to complement the main guides. £ (Non- VAT.

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Many thanks for your constructive comments although as usual some have tried to turn it into Aerad v Jeppesen debate. That, my friend, is changing with eupplement times and being open to them. The 4d altitude check on the glide is now ambiguous wihtout careful studying where there is a separate DME for an ILS. There’s too much clutter in the vertical profiles of the approach charts.

I have now “lived” with these charts for a couple of weeks. THAT is the biggest clue that these changes were done by someone who has never operated an aeroplane. How much consultation was taken with the people who actually use these things? They’ve also named the airfields after their name in the local lingo rather than English, so you’d better be able to remember you’re diverting to Wien and not Vienna when the cockpit aersd up supplemejt smoke.: Suppllement originally thought all this was due to the fact we naturally resist change.

Plus at several airports I’ve been to the LLZ 4d check is up to 60ft higher than the glide but its just not clear which is which at a glance. So search under S for Amsterdam but still find Glasgow under G because it hasn’t got a name, should be fun over Africa or Russia when you need to divert in a hurry.


Old plate Cat B, C and D limit ‘ ms, new plate ‘ ms. I’d hate to have to use ssupplement in a hurry! Can anyone enlighten me as to what aircraft approach catergory DL is? If I flew to the equivalent standard as these charts are, there’d be thousands of dead people behind me.

Most operators will probably decide that if we are to be forced to have Jepps type presentation, we may as well buy Jepps. Half the print is unreadable even in my state of life.

Very hap hazard layout, have they never heard of ‘standardisation’? Did anyone see those cheap Jeppesen Supplement books they brought out last year in pretty colours.

Aerad Flight Guides + Charts & Folders. Books 1,2,5,6,7

They are cluttered, the font is too fine, they dont flow or present the information in a way that is easily readable.

OK if your FMS does your hold for you but even more brain cells used if you do not have that luxury. Whatever happened to the concept of customer service? Perhaps the QA is the issue we should be concerned with?

Who are the charts for, the maker or the user?

I am sure we aefad all figure out who their employees are on this thread, I suggest they prepare their cvs immediately. Therefore on a single round trip, with an instrument approach on the outbound leg and on the return leg a diversion following a missed approach, I can be faced with making three approaches and using a different format of approach chart for each approach.

Where has aerad gone.

AERAD Charts – What is happening [Archive] – PPRuNe Forums

I couldn’t find one on board. Why are the SIDs in reverse alphabetical sort of order! The idiot that thought these up, has never been in a cockpit that’s for sure! That means QFE is set if that is the minima you use.

For instance Biggin Hill is in the “new” format, Farnborough is in the “previous” format and the airfields in northern France are in the “format before that”. If this is correct then surely the above quote suppllement an earlier post should be of some concern?


It is completely ineffective as a way of enforcing regulatory change. Flying into high ground type accidents. As a funny mistake I noticed on the airfield layout plate for BHX the taxiways are the wrong informationn around, ie printed in mirror image!

Navtech (AERAD) UK Touring Guide

In a hurry I will probably die. The information bar at the top of the approach plate for example is useful if you need to brief in a hurry. Altitude – The altitude information is significantly better.

There must be some way of having these charts withdrawn until some standardisation is made No it is not, at least as far as I am concerned. Well I used them for the first time today and they are pretty abysmal, took me 5 minutes supplemet locate the ILS morse ident, took another 5 minutes to find the airfield elevation, the minima’s at the bottom are just bloody confusing, listing for the airfields we went to today anyway CAT III minima’s first.

I’ve also noticed CAT A minima missing. The layout and details are often just crap, poorly thought out and a safety hazard. However, using these charts I now find whilst some details are clearer, the text especially is too small and a struggle to read in a darkened cockpit.

And interesting to see a VOR symbol is the same as a waypoint. Cat A as I understand, is a Vat of 91kts or less, please correct me if I’m wrong, the definition is from an old Pan Ops book! How are we supposed to use that at night, in the rain, keep flipping pages spending too long head down during a critical phase of flight?!