1 Why Play Sisters of Battle; 2 Blessings of the Emprah See here for the difference between that book and the Adeptas Sororitas codex. The Adepta Sororitas, also known as the Sisters of Battle, are an elite sisterhood of warriors raised from infancy to adore the Emperor of Mankind. Their fanatical. Extra HQ choices (don’t take places in FOC, but are limited to the number in parenthessi) Sister Virtuous squad() (Special thanks to Melissia.

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Although they lack the genetic modification of their beefier brethren, they also wear power armour and are armed mainly with the ubiquitous Bolter and Chainsword. They are recruited from those who seemed to express the most sociable demeanor shortly after they left the Scholam.

Then there’s the sequel, Hammer and Anvil. Hopefully, codexx Novice ascend to that rank and thanks to rejuvenat treatment are kept in their prime fighting age to continue to fight for the Emperor.

No rhino pattern vehicles are assault vehicles. Put them in an assault transport if you have one; if you don’t, take a Rhino and make good use of cover to survive the turn spent derping. Repentia positively wreck a hundred kinds of crap out of them.

Ccodex with the sausage-fest that is the Imperium, an entire army composed of badass power-armored women with nothing but a flamer and their faith is like a breath of fresh air. It’s armour design, built-in power field and the Saint’s own blood seems to make it almost impenatrable, but their is a shink in the armour where the fatal lasbolt pierced Alicia’s heart.

I would agree on the price beeing to low. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what adepts new at a glance.


codex Adepta Sororitas by anjetto | 40k Art | Pinterest | Battle, Sisters and Warhammer 40k

The Crusaders bikes are similar in design to those used by the Astartes, but adeptaas lighter and more manoeuvrable. You can fill the need for some long range anti-armor addeptas some Jokaero, maybe toss in an Inquisitor with an Conversion Beam or some Servitors with Plasma Cannons.

Either a volonteer will be sacrificed to wield it’s power thus Martyring help her sisters or a Repentia adepttas decide that her oath his not enough to wash her sins and will elect to pilot one of them.

Seraphim are the amongst the best Sisters of Battle in any given Holy Order. This meant that many of the classics, like Lord Inquisitor Krazypantzoff and Temple Assassinswere gone, though they were replaced with Ecclesiarchy characters like Uriah Jacobus and Arch-Confessor Kyrinov.

Some fans blame popular GW whipping axeptas Matt “Spiritual Liege” Ward for this tendency, but it was there long before he got here and it continues to exist after he left.

I have completly modified the Sisters Angelus Squads from close combat veteran to support unit. The Sisters of Codsx are also known as the “Daughters of the Emperor”, and officially as the “Adepta Sororitas”, though the Adepta Sororitas refers to their entire organization, while the codxe Sisters of Battle refers only to their militant branch.

They almost are invariably mounted in a vehicule, but some Dominion squad have been observed operating sororitss such aid has counter assault units or scouts on foot.

I would go with non-order specific Relics, similar to how none of the Relics in Codex: Under normal circumstances units of Crusaders, Arco Flagellants, and Death Cult Assassins do not take up slots in a battle forged army. Sisters Famulous serves has notary, teachers and liaison agents between the various noble house of the Imperium.

The loss of Inquisitors also came with the loss of Land Raiders as dedicated transports, which was another stab at their vehicular capabilities. If you are playing something else than meltas on dominion, first turn deepstrike from a chair IRL. Best known for her angelic presence, relentless optimism, and resurrection powers, the latter of which makes her nearly impossible to kill. Codez you’re using Imperium allies and why wouldn’t youmounting your Repentia in a Land Raider, Adepfas or Storm Wolf will let them get to the fight in style and safety.


Sisters have a bit of a murky history, their previous codices ranging from mediocre to nearly unplayable. GW’s gonna have to really up their game if they don’t want to be outdone by a 3rd Party manufacturer. Deathwatch – Grey Knights – Space Marines. Flamers are less cost-effective than stormbolter, at all ranges.

Converted Civilian Vehicle datasheet, for if you want your Frateris Milita to ride in style: All bolter weapon gain the rending special rule.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Adepta Sororitas(7E)

A Martyr Host is formed when dire sacrifices must be made to bring victory or to atone for particular misconducts.

Retributors and Exorcists function quite similarly, Exorcists have seen a points decrease and the Retributors a slight difference with ocdex changes to the cost of Heavy Bolters. Not too much more needed, just drop it down and start ripping shit up. Did Repentia really have to lose their Mistress? On vehicles we get smoke and Shield of Faith standard, so extra armor can be safely ignored.

Because of this, the Sisterhhod view itself has light bringers, they despise devious and deceitful tactics like sabotage, assassination and other non traditionnal strategies, yet they aren’t naive to completly refuse to use any of these strategie that war makes necessary more often then not.