The topics in TEAS 5 practice tests and in the actual ATI TEAS 6 do cover much of the same material. However, the question types have changed, so for effective . Our sample questions simulate the actual TEAS test questions you will see on your exam. Our sample exams require no registration, and include immediate. I just took the TEAS on the 6th. the actual test is nothing like the ATI practice test A and B. its more in depth and detailed. I scored lower than the practice tests.

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I realized early on that in order to get into nursing school the biggest determining factors were going to be my grades in my science classes as well as what I fioetype on the TEAS exam. In August, I scored a xctual on the exam during my first and only attempt and am proud to say I will be starting nursing school at my college of choice in January.

This post is for you. Preparation, I can help you with. Under no circumstances should you take the TEAS test without properly studying for it. This is fuletype pointless. If you take the test without studying, you are most likely going to do very poorly and this puts you in a bad position.

You can only take the test twice in a calendar year and there must be a day wait between each test.

That is unless you wait another year. I found it helpful to have completed at least most of my teas-tedt and acyual classes prior to the TEAS because some of what is covered in your prerequisite classes is addressed on the test.

Many students take a cheaper route and buy just the study manual on Amazon or Ebay. While I love both of these sights for buying other textbooks and a million other items, do not buy your study manual here, as it will not come with the online practice assessments. The only place you teas-tets purchase the manual with the two online assessments is from ATI Testing.

You will be happy you did. Once your study package arrives, go to https: I highly recommend scheduling your test between two and half to three weeks out. This should give you plenty of time to get through your study materials, but also a short enough time to light a fire under your ass.

I find I work much better with deadlines, and my guess is, you do too. Teas-tesr found it easier to study everyday, versus trying to digest huge amounts of information at once. I found going to the Starbucks around the corner from apartment worked for me.

I enjoyed the walk to and from there and looked forward to my Green Tea Frappucciano. When at home, I feel tired. Whether it is Starbucks or not, find a place that works well teaz-test you to study and find some little reward that keeps you going back. A library might be another alternative. You are much more likely to retain information if you write it teass-test. It is an active way to learn versus a passive way to learn.

actual teas-test filetype pdf

Remember, you are not reading just to get through the book, but to retain what you have read. Additionally, if there are sections that appear to be harder for you to grasp after rereading it and taking notes on it, bunny ear the page for future review.


When you have completed reading the entire study manual and have taken a good notebook full of notes, you are ready for the tests. I recommend doing one test per day starting at least five days prior to your scheduled exam. There are two practice tests located in the back of your study manual and there are two online assessments at ATI Testing.

You can take these in an order you wish, but make sure you take them all. If you want to score high on the TEAS test you need to have knowledge, but you also need to know how to take the test. Additionally, I suspect students are unfamiliar with the style of the test. In order to overcome these challenges and succeed where other students fail, you need to train yourself to take the TEAS as well as complete it in a timely manner. This is why taking the practice tests may be the most strategic part of what you do.

Pull out your iPhone and set the timer according to what section you are taking. Do your best to stay on pace while taking your practice test. You really want to aim to finish each section in the required amount of time, maybe even with a little time to spare. I found that during my TEAS test I was only able to finish each section within seconds of being timed out.

The thing is, there are more distractions and pressure during the real test. After taking each practice test, score the exam and see how you are doing. It is critical to identify where your weak areas are. While taking the exam I would write down the numbers of questions I felt unsure of so even if I did get them correct, I could still review them. If you got a question wrong or were unsure of the correct answer, review that topic in your manual or find more information on Google until you are clear on why you were wrong and why the right answer is correct.

The day before the test, go through the study manual one last time and review sections that were unclear to you at first. These pages should be bunny eared. Make sure you are confident in areas that were once problematic. You will not have time to go back later and review questions. Read each question deliberately and slowly. Do the same with every answer. Stay focused on your computer. There will be people walking around the room and movement from other test takers. It is better to guess on a question and keep moving forward than to get hung up on one question and then not have a chance to complete ten questions at the end of the section.

I think this may be one of the biggest reasons I scored so well on the test. I took a break between the reading and math section and again during the math and science section. Did I really need to pee again? No, but by leaving the testing room it gave me a chance to stretch my legs, give my mind a break, and get ready to switch gears for the next section.

Be sure to take your breaks between the sections and not during a section where the timer is running. In between sections, the timer stops so you can go stretch your legs. Just ask a proctor for permission before leaving. I ended up being the second to last person in the testing room, but who cares.


I likely scored better than any of my fellow test takers. Upon completing the test, you will get your score. If you have followed my instructions, you should have done very well.

Reschedule your test for 31 days later and go take it again. During the wait period, acctual the study manual and retake the four practice assessments again. If you end up taking the TEAS twice, you are able to use whichever test you scored the highest on. Leave a comment or email me! I am really nervous about it! Unfortunately, reading comprehensions are my weakness!

I am using the ATI guide, and I bought the 2 practice test too, but my scores on my practice tests are not good. Btw, I am not done with my prereqs.

Is the timer on the the test forms practice test the same format on the exam? My test forms just have the timer for overall 3: Thank you sooooo much for the advice! Have a good day!

Good luck on nursing school! Thanks for your comment. It filetypf good you have been studying for a while. I encourage you to keep studying a little bit each day to stay in the right mind set for the test. You are going to want to try and get your score as high as possible on the practice exams. As for your question, the actual TEAS exam is timed by individual section.

When you are doing the practice exams, set your own timer according to the time you will be allotted for that section so you can practice completing it in a timely manner.

I would encourage you to complete or almost complete your prerequisites before restudying and attempting the test a second time as some of these classes will help you do better on the test. I really appreciate your reply! And once again, thank you so much! Hi kris, love that I found this website with all the useful information. So I plan on applying for the dental hygiene program and this year the College changed the test from the hobet to the teas.

How to Score a 91 or Higher on the TEAS Exam and Guarantee Your Seat into Nursing School

I took the hobet twice and one improved by 1 point. My question is if you or anyone has taken the hobet and how similar is it to the teas? I plan on using all of your recommendations awesome ideas!!! Not sure if that helps.

No the timer is set separately. Each section is limited to its own time.

How to Score a 91 or Higher on the TEAS Exam and Guarantee Your Seat into Nursing School |

Be careful when dealing with reading part. But one thing you said that surprised me, When I took the test they would not let you leave the room for any reason during the test.

Also, basically, you have to know your chemistry and Biology, if you do, your good there. The mast was kind of basic, nothing to hard.