NBR NBR Cianeto The NBR prompted the ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standardization) to produce eleven. Buy NBR ELABORACAO E APRESENTACAO DE PROJETO DE REABILITACAO DE AREAS DEGRADADAS PELA MINERACAO from SAI Global. ABNT NBR pdf. Uploaded by. paulolimad Nbr Elaboracao E Apresentacao de Projeto de Reabilit. Uploaded by. paulolimad.

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As it appears, the use of C. Biodiversity hotspots for conservation priorities. The data presented here shows that the restoration program using the exotic species C. A ual predator who was designated a ual predator by a court on or after Xbnt 1,who has been lawfully released from confinement, supervision, or sanction, whichever is later, for at least 20 years, and who has not been arrested for any felony or misdemeanor offense since release may petition the criminal division of the circuit.

Secondary nrb and the pattern of plant dominance along experimental nitrogen gradients. Seed dormancy and germination in Rhexia mariana var. As some data did not present normal distribution and variance homogeneity, we used 13300 Mann-Whitney test to compare diversity, species richness, equitability, plant abundance, and soil traits.

nbr 14063 1998

The disturbance of a system through species introduction, biomass input, or manuring can lead to higher levels of Phosphorus mineralization due to an increase in the microbial activity Gatiboni et al. The region is characterized by mesothermic climate, with dry winters and wet summers. Canadian Journal of Botany Similarity was small and varied from 0 to 0.


Impacts originating from mining, road construction, pasture establishment, tourism, and periodic fires, have been the main source of soil erosion, species extinction, and alien species invasion Viana et al.

Perhaps, the use of alien sun-plants in forest ecosystems would have reduced impacts in the community, as it is expected that these species became extinct as the native trees grow. The hbr that cocktails of species can be widely used in restoration and that the use of exotic Fabaceae does not represent risks to the succession process is misleading.

Plenum Press, New York.

Restored and non-restored areas abtn located at a minimum of m to a maximum of 3. In addition, restoring procedures are generally associated with calcium and phosphate input Embrapa,which can also explain the higher amount of phosphorus in the areas where C.

Services on Demand Journal. Ultimately, better nutrient mobilization would enhance plant growth and performance, hence leading to faster and larger vegetation cover. Botanical description of selected pigeonpea pure lines.

Unexpected effects of pigeon-peas (Cajanus cajan) in the restoration of rupestrian fields

Centres of plant diversity: As sementes de M. Indeed, Tilman found a negative correlation between species richness and soil fertilization 31030 Negreiros et al.

The observations we present here, together with those reported by Negreiros et al. NBR – – Posto de servico – Manuseio e instalacao de tanque subterraneo de combustiveis.


Restoration by planting the legume Cajanus cajan was implemented in some of these areas. International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Jbr MCC Have questions? In each of these areas, three plots of 5 x 5 meter totalizing m 2 for each treatment were randomly chosen.

Patterns of seed longevity bnr germination in the tropical rain forest. Disturbance, diversity, and invasion: Distribution of non-native invasive species and soil properties in proximity to paved roads and unpaved roads in a quartzitic mountainous grassland of southeastern Brazil rupestrian fields.

Although the amount of organic matter was not analyzed in the present study, the amount of nitrogen between the two treatments avnt not differ statistically. Elevation at the studied sites averages meters.

Seed dormancy and germination of sympatric species of Chamaecrista Leguminosae in a rupestrian field. Biodiversidade em Minas Gerais.

The goal of this work was to evaluate the effect of light and temperature on seed germination of M. The soil of these areas also contained higher levels of Phosphorus and Magnesium. As plantas de campos rupestres podem ocorrer em solos arenosos e em afloramentos rochosos.

However, several years after its introduction, casual observations indicated that C.