Database user: a2billinguser. Database user password: a2billing. Now run script to create tables and insert some basic configuration data. hi. i am using elastix version() any1 tell me a good configuration guide for a2billing.. no matter what i do i get “the extension. Hi i am new here in this field don’t have depth knowledge just installed a2billing on v.p.s i wanted to see call tracking in a2billing of sip clients.

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Simply put a card is a customer in your system. Cards are the main element of the Calling Card software, and may contain all the info about the customers name, email, phone. The relationship is that one customer has one call plan, which may have multiple rate tables usually one per trunk which in turn has multiple rates.

User Guide This chapter aims to help using the software. For each ratecard you will be able to create as many rates you want. If you know something about administrators you will get an idea and that is enough.

If already yes and having problems try change it to no and save and then change back to yes and save.


We are creating a universal DID inbound route. This module will allow you to import ratecard from a csv file!

Ask Admin ยป A2billing and Asterisk and Freeswitch

Change that setting to “no”. We do not cover the installation of the callback daemon.

a22billing You can now register a VoIP phone or test calling a2billinf once you have added credit to the customer’s account. System Settings Global Settings. From a web browser go to http: The root password is set as changepassword, this should be changed. If you did not create a mysql root password during the asterisk install you should create one now. Progressive rate aims to bill the customer at various rates according the duration of the call.

A2Billing Initial Set-up

Cards have different properties but the main is the tariffgroup to which it is linked. Create a call-plan and rate tables under rates.

Note that if you change the currency, you also have to update the currencies under Billing Currency List Trunks Create the trunks to the service provider in Asterisk, and confirm they work by configuring an extension in Asterisk and dialling out via the new trunk. A2Billing VoIP accounts will use the a2billing context by default, whereas you will have to configure your calling card access number to pass into the a2billing-callingcard context.


This guide takes you through the initial stages of setting up A2Billing for production.

A2Billing v Install Guide | Asterisk FreeSwitch guides

The CallerID Authentication is well-know in the callingcard business. Tested using the following software: View the discussion thread. Change that setting to yes if no. Ratecard A ratecard is set of rates rates are defined according to a dialing prefix, for instance Date when the first call has been make on this card enable expire: Now you also have to assign it to a ratecard and a dial prefix.

The agi-conf is well commented, so set its parameters according to the way that you want to handle the call.

Console text mode multi-user. There is an ACL admin which has limited access to the conviguration on the right. The 1 in a2billing. When defining your trunk configuration, you can take asterisk trunk configuration. Only required if not using Asterisk realtime. One for Global group and one for agi-conf1 group. Set the base currency, manager settings timezones, and all the other settings which are appropriate to your installation.