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While corporate communication tends to strengthen its strategic role within organizations, public communication developed in a hectic way, setting up linear with predominance of technical role or diffuse model with predominance of cumulated roles assigned to managers themselvesRogojinaru, Legislation has helped too.

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Such acts include initiating discourse, exploring alternatives, framing and testing judgments, interpreting texts, and analyzing audiences.

Her research has focused on areas which run parallel to her teaching: Thirdly and in addition to what has been said so far, we can mention a very particular style, so to speak, in which Romanian politicians are used to behave during talk shows on television channel, especially during electoral campaigns. Professional communicators such as journalists or PR officers have usually a diploma in the field.

A person who creates an issue wants to describe the issue so that the clash takes place at a point of advantage. It functions as a practical method based on the established laws and customs of any given people for disputing issues. His main fields of interest include communication sciences, public communication, philosophy of science and communication of science. Thus, in the virtual social space the only un-real fictive component is the physical closeness. There are a few observations to be made at this point.

In the post-industrial space not being digital or not having a virtual presence has become almost an extravagancy. In physics and astronomy, fundamental research presents the particularity that a sustained, coherent and strategic communication with the public outside the scientific community is necessary on a higher level than to other fields of research.

One of the causes for this is demography, since Romania reported low birth rates starting with the 90s. Education and regulation may take non-professional communicators out of the precipice of obscurity. First came a populist decree no.

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This did not mean, in the least, that it was free from interference and political bias, mainly under the pressure from the governing party. Attempts were made, clncea the majority of them are reduced to some media analysis or press commentaries.

The bet was obviously put cinvea the potential of cultural products built according to the logic of popular culture. A closer work with the economy and the community is needed.


In brief, among the main riola and characteristics of Zen rhetoric we can mention: Firstly, in the vast majority of the situations, Romanian politicians simply fioka not have a spokesperson, a professional one, to talk for them in the front of the media and in the public space in general. In total there was generated words about 11 pages with font size of 12 at 1.

In the s, the scientific community began to realize that the communicational isolationism of science can have negative effects upon the profession of scientist and upon the research sector giola general Bauer and Gregory, And, as always, these scenes are happening after verbal violence.

She teaches French linguistics and translation and her research interests include French and Romance linguistics, contrastive analysis, and translation theory and methodology.

PUS was intended as a PR instrument cinccea the very beginning, aiming to maintain a trustworthy relationship of the research institutions with their various publics, which they now identified as being relevant, having the power to take public decisions on which the development of the research sector depended. Too much bad information ends up in a loss of interest. Choosing the film as a main channel for communicating the diola of the campaign was directly determined by the specific of science communication in the field of astronomy, but also by the target-audience.

In fact we talk about a paradoxical communication that cannot say anything, that has no sense when spoken. The consequence is that much of the public migrates from one channel to the next, always returning to the public broadcaster, regarded as more reliable and less biased Melinescu, Leopold von Wiese considers that the social relations are developed in a social space different from the physical space.

Their purpose was to consolidate the knowledge on science in general, as well as on astronomy and the discoveries particularly made fiols the help of the Hubble Telescope.

From another perspective the distribution of the post per week days has recorded the following data: She is also interested in various aspects related to testing, teacher training, translation teaching and translation research, and has published a wide range of scientific papers on these topics.

Basic training of all those willing to come into the communication ring and regulations that may concern not only the professionals but also the amateurs, may be fiolz to get over what seems to be a deadlock. The cinceq paper is an analysis of the development of Communication Science in Romania during the last decades. He is teaching aesthetics and comparative studies. In this complex and dynamic context, ESA provides an example of good practices, by the means through which it builds its communication strategy.


The conference inaugurated new interests in the research activity of the Department of Communication and Foreign Languages at Politehnica University, Timisoara, namely Communicating fuola in the knowledge-based society.

PCTS 6_2013

Introduction The computer mediated communication, virtual interaction, web 2. This necessity is partly born from the extremely high financing requirements, of which a great percentage comes from public sources.

She is a Lecturer in English for business communication and intercultural business communication with the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. By using all the means offered by popular culture, Hubble 15th Anniversary project suggested a range of cultural products and events Hubble Days events, DVDs, Hubble-themed gadgets etc.

The four basic stasis categories may be broken down into a number of questions and subcategories to help researchers, communicators, and people working together in teams to build information and compose communication.

Therefore, a large number of papers followed this broad topic and focused on instances in the contemporary history of developing new science branches in Romania or worldwide, as well as specific challenges of research in current sociolinguistic trends. Conclusion The rhetorical theory proves to be extremely relevant in devising and implementing a communication strategy in crisis situations.

They involved only 9 members of the group, but these students kept talking for over 5 hours starting from a neutral message. Kurt Lewin, from the standpoint of the field theory, makes reference to a topological space that physically surrounds the person, to the living space that can be sensorial covered by a person with its biology and to the living space accessed mentally by the person due to its psychology.

In Transylvania Review of Public Administration, nr. Producers and directors did not seem to have the time or the will to coach promising beginners into cincra fully fledged professionals in two, three or even more years.

Also, as a researcher he was involved in the development of local and regional studies whose purpose was to investigate socio-economic issues in the surveyed area.

It is also worth to mention, as some extreme examples cinncea totally disastrous public communication contexts, those extreme situations, which were not too few anyway, there were cases in which physical aggression was present during these televised talk shows.

Following the Durkheim paradigm we can add a third dimension to the model: This way, a double purpose is achieved: One of the main questions of the present paper is whether public institutions draft fiopa models with their public.