24CXX Datasheet, 24CXX PDF, 24CXX Data sheet, 24CXX manual, 24CXX pdf, 24CXX, datenblatt, Electronics 24CXX, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. and a series of data, if appropriate. The 24CXX has a Write Protect pin (WP) to allow blocking of any write instruction transmitted over the bus. The Microchip Technology Inc. 24CXX, 24LCXX, is used in this document as a generic part number for 24 series devices in this data sheet.

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Example using the two-wire interface (TWI)

I had already some problem with I2C Eeprom, but bit by bit I’m getting sorted out. Is it a 24C04? You find the first bytes at I2C address 0x50 and the second bytes at 0x Or is it a 24C32?

Why do you think it would be a 24C32? But most of the time, Eeprom I2C Arduino’s Sketches are done to work with address on 2 bytes like here. I’ve only a 24c02 and a 24c04 to play with at the moment. The address is a byte, read the datasheet.

I told you two days ago, http: I missed some replies and I must study them before you give more dataeheet. Many thanks to all. I’ve been doing so many mistake and so giving so many wrong information in my previous post. Hopefully you made me figuring them out but I hope it won’t confuse other beginners.


In fact, I ‘m using a 2kb and a 4kb Eeprom and the 4kb must be seen as 2 devices thanks to Nicks’ I2C scanner and it needs the pull up resistor despite the Arduino has small 40kohm ones too weak for more dtaasheet circuit, like long line or more than one Eeprom I’ve used it a lot and it’s easy to interface with, and doesn’t take a lot of space either.

What makes me mistaken is that I’ve been using 24c02 and 24C04 that are addressed on only 1byte. You’ll say, the 24C04 can’t dxtasheet addressed on only 1 byte. In fact, the address block is on 1byte, the 24C04 is seen as 2 devices 1 on 0x50 and 1 on 0x51the A0 pin has no function no connect and there is a 9th bit somewhere that I can’t yet understand how it works and where it datashedt. This means that a 24C04 is using 2 devices addresses! Is it using the same trick as for the 24C04?

EEPROM 24Cxx datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

This is quite confusing to me indeed! Those 24LC use the same trick. They have two bytes for the address and the missing 2 address bits are in the I2C address. So it should be on the I2C bus as being four devices.


Would you excuse me datasheey insisting so much, but the 24LC shouldn’t it be seen only as 2 devices? The 24LC is seen as 1 device.

So the 24LC should be seen only as 2 devices. Sorry for the confusing. According to the datasheet, an address bit “B0” in the I2C address selects which ‘half’ of the memory is selected.

So that is one extra address bit. It have a configuration so you can run 2 or more? For example, two 24LC chips can be used to provide the same memory capacity as a single 24LC chip.

The optional bank parameter to the constructor is used to assign different bank addresses to each chip: However, the library should support all kinds of eeproms starting with