Toyota Prius Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius Toyota Prius C Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius PHV Owners Manuals · Toyota Prius. Owner manual for the Toyota Prius. Don’t let your dealership charge you a lease-return fee for a missing or damaged owner’s manual. This is an original. I have a Prius. I have the hard-copy owner’s manual, but am wondering if I can get a PDF version anywhere. I didn’t find anything in an.

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Page —Checking and replacing the Air ownsr filter— air conditioning filter The air conditioning filter may clog af- ter long use. Every Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is put through a point quality insurance inspection, with each Used Hybrid tested to a point standard.

Break- In Period To help prevent gas station mixups, your to the future economy and long life of If your engine knocks If you have any questions about the leather these could cleaning of your Toyota, your local cause discoloring.

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Page Dialing by phone number You: Accessories, Audio and Navigation. Touch the switch you want to delete. 208 the indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

Page Tire information— —Tire symbols Standard tire This illustration indicates typical tire symbols. Never sit on the center seat because 22p the rear center seat belt cannot be fastened correctly when the rear left seat is folded down. In the following cases, contact your ,anual dealer as soon as possible: The switch 1- 6 is highlighted in green. Page 64 12 volt battery ter- minal is disconnected and then recon- nected. Air flow control switch 5. Checking the engine oil level 3.


It is useful Choose a new code that is hard for other when you leave your car with the hotel people to know. Scan tuning See page for details. Initializing the Bluetooth settings.

Toyota Prius Owners Manuals

Starting Your Vehicle Starting your vehicle Your vehicle is equipped with push but- ton start system. Deployment of the airbags happen in manula fraction of a second, so the airbags must inflate with considerable force.

Page 2 Traffic program: Page 40 Smart entry and start system For vehicles sold in Canada By carrying a smart key, you can lock and unlock the doors and start the hy- brid system.

It’ll probably be handy if you have your hard copy of the Owner’s Manual and use it as a reference to be sure you downloaded all the sections and parts. Replace the mechanical key and cover with slide the lock knob. Touch the switch and the system starts to seek the station in the relevant program type. If it is over 5, the oldest number is deleted. Page 68 Front seats— Seats —Front seat precautions While the vehicle is being driven, all ve- Driver seat ” Slightly recline the back of hicle occupants should have the seatback seat.

Page 62 If necessary, press down gently on the and other exterior lights. Event Data Recorder Toyota recommends you to read the provisions in Sec- ” Engine speed tion 2- 2 carefully and refer to them as needed during ” You may dam- 83pa age the vehicle.

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And this set is a helluva lot easier to download than the thousands of techinfo files. The SRS side shield airbag system is designed airbags help reduce injuries mainly to the only as a supplement to the prima This system detects the conditions Any of the SRS side airbags and cur- 1. Compact disc player operation Type 1 and Type 2 a Inserting or ejecting compact disc Setting all the discs: Then, using a sponge or face in large patches.


If any of and could result in serious injury product is available at your Toyota dealer LEDs burn out, take your vehicle to your or death by electric shock.

Josh Kalina Jun 6, Page v By speed dial You can call by registered telephone number which you selected from a phone book, dialed numbers and re- ceived calls.

Page The location of the pull- out there is a problem with the electrical sys- tool is shown in the illustration. If manual air flow selection is desired— The outlets from which air is delivered If quick heating or cooling is desired— can be selected manually by touching the switch.

Owner’s manuals available in PDF?

Never touch battery cables wrapped in orange- colored har- nesses or their connectors since they are under high voltage and dangerous. Page Editing the name When you do not input the name, the number is displayed. When you delete the telephone while Displaying information of another Bluetooth phone is connected, Bluetooth phone you delete this message is displayed. Select the group you want to delete 3.