SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY U.S.A.. TELEPHONE: () ( ) FAX: () 1N thru 1N 1N thru 1N Category. Description, WATT Metal Silicon Zener Diodes. Company, Motorola Semiconductor Products. Datasheet, Download 1N datasheet. Quote. 1N datasheet, 1N circuit, 1N data sheet: MICROSEMI – 1 WATT METAL CASE ZENER DIODES,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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This selector guide, therefore, ignores the large bulk of general-purpose, small-signal type numbers and concentrates on those transistors that have emerged as the best values in various applications categories.

Same as above, but with a different pin arrangement. TO Standard Family Limits to 0. Other types require a sense amplifier in addition to the drivers. MPF – Low cost. Evaluation Module This complete board has all of the M family dovices for ease of parts evaluation. The device types are listed in increasing order of l c continuous and V C e ratings. In cases where a non-standard set of specifications is required, the eatasheet device can be selected and ordered from the following device options.

SMD Rectifier Series 1.

Datasheet archive on 1-5-2018

These units feature very low forward voltages and switching times estimated at less than 10 ns. BC BC 50 20 5. Gating circuit is useful for AGC control. For complete design data, consult the prime device data sheet.

These devices permit greater memory capacity per unit volume and lower costs per bit than imaginable only a lew years ago. It can be used to run simple programs for familiarization with the system as well as evaluation prior to actual system development with the EXORciser. R 1NB 1N 1N In addition to dielectric isolation, this family of devices utilizes nichrome resistors throughout.


New Jersey Semiconductor

Many of the devices are referred by section and page number to more comprehensive tables in this book. The following list demonstrates the many applications possible with plastic transistors. The TO — is the most popular, high-volume plastic package and will meet most of your high-performance, low-cost requirements. Device types that daatsheet not referenced are, nevertheless, manufactured and inventoried by Motorola, but are suggested datasjeet for replacement purposes.

Resident Software Used with the EXORciser or Evaluation Modulo, this package consists of the Datwsheet – for editing operations on linos or character strings – end the Assembler – wh ich uses a two pass operation to produce listing and object tape.

Devices listed in the matrix are classified according to noise figure performance versus frequency.

Useful at frequencies ranging generally from 1 Hz to 1 MHz. Tool Accessories and Parts. Modifications of the basic amplifier for operation across wider bands are also discussed. Consumer devices designed principally for entertainment use, i. Not aoptlceble to J Of TX devices. Motorola also offers a wide array of standard devices that have a wide range of specifications including the first series of DIP transistors and darlington couplers to achieve JEDEC registration: Family Members io ;: Has selectable gain option and well characterized data that permits accurate response shaping see graph.

They find application in large mainframe memory systems, minicomputers, and con- ventional digital control circuits.

Some searches on Jan 26 Datasheets –

Silicon Planar, Small Signal. The type numbers listed below are available from stock, but all other Motorola small-signal transistors may datasheeh obtained in Micro-T packages on special order. Check with your local Motorola sales office or f ranchised distributor for current qualification status and availability. Product Assurance Level A.


Motorola has the capability of supplying these devices in a variety of packages. Datqsheet 1N IN 1N The family has a medium operating speed MHz clock rategood external noise immunity, high fan out, and the capability of driving capacitive loads of up to pF. Standard package, normally supplied by vendors; 2. The variety of different trigger devices available complicates device selection. Information on devices in non-standard datsheet may be obtained through your local Motorola Sales Office or Motorola distributor.

MCF – Flat Package. Since the devices highlighted here are the most popular in each category, it follows that they are among the most widely available, at the lowest cost. The datsheet of these subsystem devices are, however, designed to maximize their efficiency in the applications for which they were intended and may not necessarily meet the more universal specifications required of and guaranteed by our standard MC ana MCCMOS product family.

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1N Datasheet PDF – Motorola => Freescale

The transistors are listed in order of decreasing breakdown voltage BV CE o. C, – 2O0 pF ns Mo.

Dahasheet devices are rated primarily on performance, price and availability. Devices from the MC Series can be mixed with devices from the medium-power MC Series which has loading factors normal- ized for compatibility.

Modulation type is given in each application heading. Has greater gam and slew rate, better input and output imped ances and somewhat lower power dissipation Available Variations: Connector and Crimp Tooling.

The selection tables include only basic specifications.