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Lastly, we compare and discuss the theory and practice of the issues in question. The methodology is based on applying some important shocks on the banks activities, derived from the historical gross shocks through simulations in order to evaluate the business risk of these banks.

ICISEF Kongre Tebliğleri Volume 4 – Türkiye Katılım Bankaları Birliği – PDF Free Download

The uni-scale model of Fama and French The uni-scale model of Fama and French is presented as follows: Credits by individual credit cards have been on the increase until the second half of Hakan ve Orak, MusaEnflasyon http: However, the correlation coefficient between the efficiency scores is quite high, which suggests that bank manager which are efficient in terms of maximizing revenue are also efficient in maximizing profit.

Casual relationship between Islamic and conventional ban-king instruments in Malaysia. According to this property, if we deflate the outputs and inflate the input by the first output y1 retained as the numeraire: However, our results seems consistent with the one obtained by Chaffai and Dietsch who, using the same methodology to evaluate business risk, these authors found that a shock on lending activities causes the highest decrease in profit of the French retail banks.


Time-varying causality between research output and economic growth in US.


Table 4 summarizes the results of the unit root test. Over the period they compare banking efficiency through several ratios dealing with cost revenue and profit, but they do not find evidence for the superiority of Islamic banks in terms of performances. Related Comparative literature There is a vast comparative empirical literature on bank performances. The ambition of this research paper is to clarify various aspects kdb Islamic banking in the financial market that is still little known by the majority.

According to the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Islamic banking institutions are required to have a Shariah Committee council within their respective institutions to ensure that products and services to be introduced are Shariah-compliant.


This impact is negative and significant in the case of BH type of bank for the four periods. In that regard, Qureshicondemns riba molu and usury and suggests profit-and-loss sharing mechanism as an alternative method. So, the Islamic financial markets, has become a very rich discipline that resulted from multiple thoughts and research. Step1 Estimate the hyperbolic distance function and derive the distance to the frontier for each bank.

Journal of Financial Stability, teblui, The case of an Islamic equities market.

PIDM contributes towards financial stability through the administration of the deposit insurance system for the banking sector and the protection scheme for the insurance and takaful sector as well as the promotion of sound risk management practices by the financial industry. The Malaysian Experiences and Challenges Dr. This decline will cause a rise in interest rates in the financial system. Research shows that the Islamic banking is growing very rapidly and well accepted not only in Muslim countries, but also by noku who reside in Western and European countries.


Because the abnormal return has a significant impact positive and negative on the performance of the portfolios of Islamic banks. It will address the liquidity needs of international Islamic banks, broaden the market of Islamic financial products. Monzer Kahf Qatar University Prof.

We use Zivot-Andrews unit root test and Toda-Yamamoto causality test to analyze the unit root characteristic of the series by allowing possible structural breaks and casual relationship between the series. International Monetary Fund Takan M. The comparison is based on a stochastic fenel frontier model where off balance sheet is retained as output.

This exercise is interesting because it allows estimating the magnitude of a sudden deterioration of a specific activity on the business risk of each bank type so its resiliency.

In this respect, Beck et al.

Additionally, this variable has decreased during the crisis, but it remains the highest. As we will see later and for several reasons, there is no consensus in this empirical literature, whether one bank group outperform the other one.