Integrated river engineering

Integrated river engineering strategies at the Danube river

The tour is organised by viadonau in cooperation with ISRS2019.


The Austrian waterway company viadonau is a pioneer in the field of ecologically oriented river engineering on waterways. Their objective is to maintain and improve the living conditions of the flora and fauna on the rivers Danube, March and Thaya without impairing other uses of the waterways or flood protection measures.


The boat-trip will pass various river engineering measures realized within the “Catalogue of Measures for the Danube east of Vienna”, designed to stabilize the decrease in water levels, preserve the unique habitats of the Danube floodplains and create a waterway infrastructure that fulfills the requirements of safe and economic navigation.

In order to achieve these goals, viadonau continually carries out maintenance and conservation activities and implements river engineering optimisation projects. This Catalogue of Measures is the result of an integrative planning process and is based on the findings of optimised waterway and traffic management, as well as the multi-year concept and pilot project phase of the ‘Integrated River Project on the Danube East of Vienna’ (FGP). Besides involving various different interest groups, the scientific monitoring and accompaniment of measures, plays an important role in finding and achieving socially and environmentally compatible solutions.


The number of participants is limited to 40.


The tour will be held on Friday, Sept. 13th; 07:45 to 13:30 (~6 hours)
Please note that changes may occur to the following schedule due to organizational reasons.

07:45-08:30 departure from BOKU conference venue and drive to Vienna Danube marina
08:30-12:00 boarding of vessel, passage of the shipping lock of Powerplant Freudenau, passing various river engineering measures, onboard morning snack
12:00-12:30 arrival in Hainburg;
departure back to conference venue by bus (drop-off at Vienna int. airport possible if declared in advance at the registration desk)
~13:30 arrival at Boku conference venue

The tour fee includes all transportation and a light snack onboard of the ship. Please bring adequate clothing. Although the ship has some covered areas - be prepared for being outdoor and near the water.


For more information on integrated river engineering by viadonau, please visit their website

For more information on the tour destination, please refer to the info-folder.


Important Information:

- only registered delegates and their (reported) accompanying person are enabled to book tickets for the tours.
- tour tickets have to be purchased in addition to the registration cost through the online registration tool. 
- all tours are offered on a first come-first served basis.
- In the unexpected case that a tour does not reach the minimum capacity and has to be cancelled, the paid fees will be reimbursed in full. 
- Any available spots can be booked on-site at the conference registration office. Be aware that we expect all tours to be fully booked by the start of the conference - book early to secure your spot!


The Danube east of Vienna. © viadonau


Overview of measures in the Hainburg area (pilot project Bad Deutsch Altenburg). © viadonau


Breakthrough to reconnect the Johler side-arm. © viadonau


before and after creating a near-natural riverbank close to Hainburg. © viadonau

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